14 One Day From the Life of a Russian Farmer

One Day From the Life of a Russian Farmer

Posted on September 19, 2011 by team

Vasiliy Ivanovich is a former miner. Now he lives in the countryside and really enjoys his lifestyle. He can’t imagine himself without everyday labor. Let’s spend the whole day with him and see what he usually does.

In the morning he drinks coffee and watches the news. He says that his kitchen is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment. He has a stove, a refrigerator and a TV set. Everything is made with his own hands.

Tosha sometimes comes to Vasiliy’s place to have a meal. Actually, it’s not only Vasiliy who considers himself the cat’s master but also the owners of the 20 nearest houses. The sly cat enters all the houses one by one and cleans out the given bowls with food. In winter, though, he mostly hangs out in Vasiliy’s house.

Which inside is very like a city flat. Here is a toilet and a shower cubicle.

This is not a hooch still as you might have probably thought at first. This is the stove which is actively used in winter.

Vasiliy’s favorite ladder.

A porch where Vasiliy smokes.

Dina, his dog.

Not to get under the master’s feet, the dog is driven into the open-air cage.


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14 Responses to “One Day From the Life of a Russian Farmer”

  1. raaa says:

    W sumie porządek ma, tylko pić browca nie bardzo ma gdzie z kolegami. Widze ze prawie na chodniku siedzą :|

  2. DouglasU says:

    Looks like he’s actually retired and basically has a good time all day like I do.

  3. historian says:

    No he isnt a farmer this is a Datcha and not a farm.. If you wanted to show the Datch-culture you also could show normal people.

  4. perristalsis says:

    This guy must’ve got a generous pension, he’s got it made. He’ll probably live to be 108, he’s got balance in his life, a little work, a little rest, good food, a few beers, a little more work, relax with friends, go to bed early.

  5. SpeCons says:

    He has everything he needs at his age… I live in Europe and don’t know what i’ll end up with by the time I reach his age…

  6. CZenda says:

    Now, that is what we call “Russian plumbing” and electricity distribution here :D
    OK, he is retired and has enough time to beutify his garden – good luck and good health!

  7. southboy says:

    He lives like my parents.

  8. Pakov says:

    I especially like how he cuts wood for the fire. And how he dries his socks.

  9. (r)evolutionist says:

    When the squeezebox appears, I’d disappear.

  10. The Beat says:


  11. cro says:

    He lives like Homer Simpson ;) yust without going to work…

  12. An says:

    As said above, this is not a farm, but a summerhouse.

  13. BMWrider says:

    Beautiful wood stairs. Bet that took a while to piece together.

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