7 Life Through The Camera Lens

Life Through The Camera Lens

Meet an outstanding photographer Maxim Marmur who has been taking pictures since childhood. His pictures appeared at the pages of many world-famous newspapers such as Time, Guardian, The Times, Washington Post, NY Times, LA Times, GQ Italy, GQ Russia, Madame Figaro, Stern. In spite of the fact Maxim was a witness of many war conflicts being a news-writer he is still a very optimistic and sociable person.

The photographer.


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7 Responses to “Life Through The Camera Lens”

  1. Ball Breaker says:

    Fantastic pics.

  2. 123 says:

    damn, he’s good. I’ve rarely seen pictures catching the mood of szenes as crystal clear as we can see it here.

  3. Carol Lynn says:

    Amazing photos! Thank you for sharing/posting these. :-)

  4. Fnu Lnu says:

    I really wish I had that sort of talent. Thanks for posting those pics

  5. wai says:

    These pictures have a lot of characters, thanks for posting these!

  6. yojimbo says:

    The third picture of the valley,lake,and mountain beyond what an outstanding picture.I wish I could look out my window and see that everyday.

  7. TrainFromUkraine says:

    So, this is where “planking” came from :D (hint: third pic from the bottom)

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