17 A Magic Transformation

A Magic Transformation

Magical things happen not only at Christmas but also at any other time of the year provided that one can find himself or herself in a right place and at a right time. See what happened to the guy in the picture who lost his job, was left by a girl and didn’t even have money to go to his native town after he met a person who felt compassion for him and decided to invest money of his own into a new project.

How do you like the change?


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17 Responses to “A Magic Transformation”

  1. cro says:

    He bacame gay???

  2. DrGonzo says:

    “Left by his girlfriend”


  3. Robert says:

    I think he was a gay before this photo shooting. which real man sold his life for this primitive stuff?

  4. pieckaboo says:

    Whoa the gaydar is on tilt..

  5. Akasha says:

    Respect, you need discipline for that.

    I’m wondering how long it took for this transformation.

  6. YIYK says:

    A homosexual transformation I would say yet I fail to see where the magic is.

  7. OCTOMOM says:

    All the lazy beer bellies here are green with envy. Finally! A real HOT guy!! Thanks ER! I love the pink speedo…

  8. Maxine says:

    Looks like my son in law…

  9. René De Beaumarchais says:

    Bah, if he’s happier that way, why rain on his (gay) parade?

  10. marvin says:

    looks like it, indeed.

  11. Morano says:

    I way prefer the natural original. Pumped, primped, plucked, painted, waxed and fake-tanned isn’t … human.

  12. Peter says:

    Exactly!! :))

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