9 Winter Sleep of the Ports

Winter Sleep of the Ports

The pictures were freely taken at a port without being stopped by guards who were busy with celebration of the New Year Eve.


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9 Responses to “Winter Sleep of the Ports”

  1. Iggy says:

    It seems like this winter sleep goes on for few years…

  2. Labrat says:

    think this is a repost

  3. (r)evolutionist says:

    So what does this prove? Maybe we don’t need all this stuffy, intrusive security? A lot of us have been led to believe that without security we’d all be destroyed by a few hundred terrorists; a few hundred worldwide! People need to relax for a change.

  4. Verto says:

    Another abandoned ? ? ? ?

  5. John says:

    This is why Koenigsberg is so important, it’s ice-free all year.

  6. lmgfu says:

    greenish displays of equipment shows that it has radioactive material, right?

  7. LOO says:

    I thought it was a nuclear fallout LOL.

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