29 The Contest In Professional Shooting

The Contest In Professional Shooting

Posted on September 17, 2011 by team

Just the other day, at the firing ground of Alabino city, the teams of soldiers from Russia, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Ukraine hit qualifying standards in shooting. It was a part of the program of two contests titled “Professional” and “Sniper”. Let’s look at how all happened.

Everything began in the early morning.

It was very foggy that day.

“Let’s revive and multiply the traditions of our army”

After inspecting the area, the teams started to hit a qualifying standard in dressing. 18 seconds – excellent, 20 seconds – good, 25 seconds – satisfactory.

Though Belorussians’ record was 8 seconds, there were a lot of mistakes, that’s why they got less points.


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29 Responses to “The Contest In Professional Shooting”

  1. ayaa says:

    Nice to see the soldiers of all these ex-Soviet countries getting together in friendly competition instead of fighting together like on Yugolsavia.

    • ayaa says:

      Nice, but also a bit weird to see army romance. :)

      • A. Bunka says:

        You and I agree on this one. It’s not only weird, it’s wrong. How can any army permit the integration of sexes when the possibility of facing combat is present? Women should be permitted the privilege of serving, however, the sexes should be separated. Such relations will only serve to complicate combat, isn’t combat complex enough already?

        • ho fo sho says:

          Definately unprofessional.

          Most armed forces would have regulations to deal with this. What goes on while you’re in uniform is definately the goverments business……

          • ayaa says:

            There is no problem with women in the army, and there is no problem with having women in combat units.
            Women make really good snipers for some reason that I cant fathom.:(
            And this might surprise you, but of the 20,000 active spetsnaz, 1000+ are female.

            • Matlok says:

              I didn’t know there were women in spetsnaz. that is interesting. Women do tend to be better shooters on the average, than men. I have heard that it is partly because they have no preconceived ideas about how to shoot like men do. Whatever, all I know is that when I bought my wife a .22 rifle, she took to it like a duck to water, and soon after she started to rack up a large score of varmints like racoons and woodchucks that dared to come into the yard when I was at work.

              • ayaa says:

                Thats one way of looking at it. But I sometimes think that somehow women are better at staying calm, so low sway, thus high accuracy.

                P.S. Sounds like you’ve got a wife with great guns, quite literally.:)
                No hard feelings, bro.

        • yojimbo says:

          You have an old train of thinking women can fight just as well as men.Hell some of the most violent toughest people I have ever seen are women.Women are already serving in combat in many countries American women have been killed in combat and also received the same combat awards that men do.There is solid proof out there that your old time thinking is wrong.

          • A. Bunka says:

            What I am saying is: women can serve, they can serve well. But interpersonal relations between soldiers, of an intimate nature, is counterproductive to the objective of military purpose.
            A man cannot go into combat with: my girlfriend said this, or did that, or maybe she wants to be with Boris now…etc. etc… and all the bs that accompanies normal peacetime relations between sexes.

  2. Verto says:

    Old fashioned military exercise ! ! ! ! ! !totally obsolete from modern warfare techniques.centuries old tactics never be changed,in modern Russian military strategy.

  3. John says:

    They should have another one with more modern applications, like piloting drone aircraft, or playing Call of Duty 4.

    • BlowME says:

      “playing Call of Duty 4″ Lol, that’s a good one…
      That’s what many now think, they go to war, take million bullet hits and stay alive, kill thousands “bad guys”, become heroes, ??? – PROFIT

  4. P. Hilton says:

    I counted at least 8 different types of camouflage on uniforms and equipment. All rendered useless by the polished brass belt buckles.

  5. Tovarich Volk says:

    What’s the new cartrige they’re using? It doesn’t look like 5.45×39.

  6. (r)evolutionist says:

    Devolution, not evolution…

  7. ayaa says:

    I harldy need to be an expert on Yugoslavia to know that a terrible conflict took place between the different peoples that made up Yugoslavia.
    And what do you know of Russia?!! Nothing!

    • ayaa says:

      If you think that the Russian Army is rubbish, that means that the Australian Army is non-existent.
      But wait, the mighty 60,000 man aussie army can crush the 1,200,000man russian army. The 60 aussie tanks can overwhelm the 20,000+ russian ones. The 400 aircraft of the aussie airforce can defeat the almost 3000 russian planes. The 50 ships of the australian navy will sink the 250 ships of the russian navy. The 1200 russian warheads are nothing compared to the none that australia has. :P

      • ayaa says:

        Face it. Your army has no real history of its own. All you’ve ever done is send troops to fight alongside your allies. But never, ever have you fought a war on your own.

        I suppose jealousy plays a role in your hate-filled rantings, but then again old age has its effect too. :P

  8. Connor says:

    Some of the war crimes the US has performed are just as bad i.e. killing retreating enemies, the iraqi prison incident, executing civilians, etc. And because they are the US they have never gone on trial for them.

    • Matlok says:

      Just so you know, one of the perpetrators of the Iraqi prison incident, just got out of prison a month or so ago. Don’t know if the rest of the world realizes that these people were tried here in the U.S. by our own legal system. These animals will always be social outcast here, and most will be lucky to be able to find or hold down a job, or take part in normal society. Also you probably don’t realize how much public outcry these incidents cause. Millions of people contact their elected officials, senators and congressmen and the like, and demand justice. The political fallout can be vast and far reaching. More importantly New policies and laws are put in place to avoid these incidents.

      • Dan says:

        What Matlok says is true… everyone I have talked to about the Iraqi prison thinks those guys are a$$holes. It is definately not the norm for US society to do those kinds of things.

        They world is mostly made up of the same people… they want to have families and jobs and are in general, all around good people. It is just these outlier folks that cause all the problems for the rest of us.

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