68 Shocking Pictures of Occupied Kiev

Shocking Pictures of Occupied Kiev

Posted on September 15, 2011 by team

Babi Yar is a large ravine on the northern edge of Kiev which achieved notoriety as a place of mass executions of civilians and prisoners of war carried by German occupying forces. These horrible pictures are taken by German war photographer Johannes Hahle 10 days after Kiev’s occupation…

Ukrainian policemen keep order in a crowd of women in occupied Kiev.

A German traffic-controller at a checkpoint in occupied Kiev.

Soviet prisoners of war repair tramways.

The remains of barricades in occupied Kiev.

Soviet prisoners of war cover the killed with sand under the supervision of SS soldiers.

SS soldiers rummage through the things of the killed.

Killed Soviet prisoners of war on the streets of Kiev.

The Boulevard of Taras Shevchenko.

Location: Kiev

via bigpicture

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68 Responses to “Shocking Pictures of Occupied Kiev”

  1. Corvin says:

    War… War never changes…

  2. John says:

    Interesting pictures, but I always wonder why this site likes to show German occupation, killed Soviet POWs, but never the millions of killed German, Italian, or Polish POWs in Russia. It’s the same kind of spoon-fed propoganda about the “heros” of Mother Russia that you find in American historical textbooks.

    One thing the superpowers Russia and USA still have in common, is they both believe their own propaganda.

    • Verto says:

      Don’t compare the “soviet reaction” to the German aggression ! ! ! ! !Soviets just replied the “same response” .Germans and their “allies” were the criminals and aggressors,so anything to stop them was right and justified. RIP to all of defenders of Mother Russia ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

      • too much vodka says:

        You mean shooting Polish civilians and soldiers after the joint nazi-Soviet occupation was right and justified?

        • Katsuo says:

          “much vodka” and “John”: You mean dropping nuclear bombs over two cities and killing more than 100,000 civilians in seconds was right or justified? You would say that there is no comparison, or other lame spins… The victims in these photos should be respected. I think you can at least do that.

          • too much vodka says:

            Did I ever say that this kind of bombing cities – whether with nuclear or other bombs – was justified? Is one crime justifying the other? And did you read my post about mentioning that it would show some respect to the victims if at least the reason why the were killed – being jewish – was mentioned?

            • No Mame says:

              vodka: Everybocy knows about the terrible Holocaust, but when you resist to accept that other 100,000 people were killed in Babi Yar, and you insist to talk about an unrelated atrocity, all your arguments sound like anti soviet tall tales. And that’s your problem only.

            • Hans says:

              “much vodka”, Everybody knows about the Jewish Atrocity pictured here. Perhaps this post author considered Jewish people in the pics as Soviet Ukrainian residents (which in fact, they were). Or part of the 150,000 people killed and buried at Babi Yar. You better try some Tequila and enjoy the weekend.

        • historian says:

          After this officiers attacked russia right after the first WW it was a nice payback in Katyn thats all..

      • Neto says:

        Anything TO STOP THEM, not to mass-kill or rape them after they were defeated.

      • JHA says:

        Well, maybe we then should look 2 years earlier time when Soviets and Germans were a happy allies and similar pictures could be taken in the forests of Katyn where NKVD eliminated Polish prisoners

      • Hans says:

        “pigden”, well, there’s a good reason. Hitler (and a lot of germans) wanted to exterminate or enslave slavs (besides the jewish “question”). Hitler wasn’t a lonely maniac. Millions were mass killed. That degree of inhumanity dwarfes any other; it has no parallels in History.

        • too much vodka says:

          Yes it has parallels, sadly enough: every planned genocide is comparable. Why would de degreeof inhumanity of the Holocaust dwarf the degree of inhumanity of for instance the genocide in Rwanda?

    • Kaatzik says:

      Disgusting comment by profoundly ignorant man/troll. I bet you are some wanted terrorist scum living in London…..

    • Ball Breaker says:

      @John: When for no reason, you invade a country (and massacre its residents), you don’t have much sympathy when the invaded fight back and crushes you. You should be grateful that the soviets didn’t slaughter people the same way the germans did.

    • Mi says:

      Maybe because its site about Russia. Not about Germany, Italia or Poland. If you call pictures showing Nazi Germans slaughtering civilians “propaganda”, you must be Nazi yourself.

      • John says:

        @Mi “Maybe because its site about Russia. Not about Germany, Italia or Poland.”

        This site must not be about Russia, because Kiev is in the Ukraine, it is an independent country. Well, at least until the Russians try to invade it again.

        • Hans says:

          John, that won’t happen. It’s far more probable that the US would invade a weak Oil rich country.

        • OLUT says:

          The “About” link at top of page says this:
          “English Russia is a daily entertainment blog devoted to the events happening in Russian speaking countries, such as Russia (Russian Federation), Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Kazakhstan, etc.”

    • too much vodka says:

      Original view on history, try to read a book on it, it will help.

    • historian says:

      Yes there was just one time winter every 4 years in the fourties.. haha

  3. Zonda says:

    Better to remind us and to hope that will never happend again!

  4. too much vodka says:

    Why didn’t you mention that the killed people who are being burried were all Jews? These are pictures taken at Babi Yar where 34.000 Jews were slaughtered.

    • historian says:


    • Ball Breaker says:

      @vodka: The Jewish people there were also Ukrainian; those were only the first to be killed. Later, about 100,000 other Ukrainians got mass murdered there. Just in case if you forgot or ignored that.

      • too much vodka says:

        I’m not forgetting or ignoring anything, just like one shouldn’t forget or ignore that these people in Babi Yar were killed because they were jewish. I’m surprised about the reactions on my remark, as if this was some inconvenient truth…

        • Ball Breaker says:

          It’s very different 34,000 victims, than more than 100,000. A true correction you still argue about… Probably it is you who find that inconvenient (or you simply ignored it). Who knows?

      • Shocked Monkey says:

        “much vodka”, Wrong. There were other motives besides criminal antisemitism. The big majority of the people mass killed and buried at Babi Yar, is not Jewish. Check your numbers. It’s annoying that for you, only a “kind” of victims is important in this tragedy. Your “surprise” reveals ignorance, or something dark in you.

    • Mi says:

      Why? Does it matter so much to you? If yes, you are creating racism. People were slaughtered, we should condolence them and never forget. I don’t really care if they were Jews, Indians or Aryan.

  5. CZenda says:

    Shostakovich wrote a symphony dedicated to the victims of the massacre, but it is not performed very often. IIRC, I only heard it once.

  6. John says:

    Soviets did the same massacre when they invaded Poland, the only difference is they killed more than in Kiev.


    • No Mame says:

      And…where were the Brits and Americans when Katyn happened? Nowhere. Brits and French had to declare war against Stalin’s USSR, too. There was a Pact with Poland, you know…. But they knew that their only chance to fight Germany -and win- was with the Red Army. And won, with it. Sir Winston knew it, he was no fool. Poland (and Katyn) didn’t matter, also for the West.

    • historian says:

      Russian killed pollish officers in Katy which invaded russia in russian civil war. So I guess they will never will try again good work!

      • No_Suprises says:

        You have just justified genocide. You have also proven some sort of brainwashed thinking. Typical for post-homo sovieticus.

        Rationalizing genocide of innocent people is something that was made by butchers from Babi Yar. Jews were killed because they were claimed to be inferior human beings.

        But You were also rationalizing in your statement genocide in Katyn in the same way. Polish POWs were killed because they invaded Russia in 1920(what a load of bollocks!).

        I see. Killing innocent Jews in Babi Yar is bad. Killing innocent Polish POWs is good. What a hypocrisy.

        I always thought that civilised people don’t value mass-murder as something good or useful.

        • Ball Breaker says:

          The worrisome thing, is that Man can still slaughter another (and his whole family) for money, “patriotic” or religious reasons. And some still think that one “kind” of murdered victim is less valuable than other.

        • historian says:

          Killing civillians for racial reasons is bad, killing officers in war is just war. No racial background, but I think you believe in the race of polish officers? haha…

          • Shocked Monkey says:

            “Race” of Military Officers, is more important than massacred Ukrainian families, according to some Cold War commenters here.

  7. popalumi says:

    In Ucraina era socialism. Deodata a aparut lepra fascista si s-a terminat cu NORMALITATEA! oameni morti pe strada . Nici nu ma pot uita.
    Si acum. Dupa atitea milioane sfisiate, romanii au stiut sa alege in 2004, ca presedinte, pe cl mai nenorocit om pe care la produs existenta milenara a acestui popor.

  8. sikk says:

    not only jews, but most of them.


  9. Alex says:

    You have to look into German, Italian and Polish sources for this. Wrong spot bro…

  10. Otis R. Needleman says:

    Read “Babi Yar”, by Anatoly Kusnetsov. Read it in high school. Gripping account of life in Kyiv under Nazi occupation.

  11. Mi says:

    Too many Russian haters come to this web lately. Lecture others how evil Russians are and spreading anti-Russian propaganda.

  12. Mr. Mister says:

    Katyn atrocity was a cruel reminder and retaliation against the Polish Army. Soviets swore to never forget the unprovoked Polish 1920 invasion to the newborn USSR. Europeans really had a self destruction wish then. The Nazi genocides like Babi Yar are the crown of it.

  13. too much vodka says:

    In 1920 the Soviet Union didn’t even exist… The war between the Red army is not a story of unprovoked attacks from one side against the other, it was the result of fighting over disputed areas between the Communist controlled part of the Russian empire and the newly independent Polish state which wanted to get back territories lost to Rusia in the past. The Katyn massacre was not some sort of justified revenge (if justification would be possible…) but a deliberate attempt of Stalin to kill the Polish military elite that would be a threat to his plans of establishing a communist regime in Poland.

    • Mr. Mister says:

      “vodka”; ¿Polish – Soviet War of 1919-1921 didn’t exist? It’s laughable when some people intepret (or rewrite) History. Nothing can justify atrocities (from Poland or from USSR, Germany, etc.). My view of the European suicide wish at the time, stands.

  14. Jewels Vern says:

    I have seen similar pictures from USA, and the bodies were not even foreigners: it was white skins against black skins, and in some cases whites against other whites. A few years ago the FBI slaughtered an entire church near Waco, Texas for no known reason. The head of FBI was promoted after that.

    It is not possible to adequately explain man’s inhumanity to man without supposing the existence of a devil.

  15. Jim says:

    Soviet scum bags

  16. René De Beaumarchais says:

    War is indeed mankind’s worst invention, alas comes with a lifetime renewed patent.

  17. Tim says:

    My name is Tim, i´m from Berlin and i hate what the old generation did. I hope the future will look brighter, but things looks bad…

  18. OLUT says:

    Regardless of who died and who killed, regardless of where or when or which war, it is a sad, tragic affair. Grandmothers walking down streets littered with the dead is terrible; they should be enjoying life, spoiling their grandkids, not watching people around them die way too soon.

  19. Arrogance Kills says:

    Trying to steal the land of others was not a German exclusive problem. It was actually like an old European tradition, that nearly destroys them. And some countries insist on that.

  20. petrohof says:

    for picture of place today and better understanding see:http://www.consumedland.com/elena/serpentswall/page38_en.html

  21. Too much light can be damaging to your shot washing out the colors in your picture so be sure to balance the natural elements.

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