21 Working With Guided-Missile Systems

Working With Guided-Missile Systems

The guided missile division decorated with the Order of the Red Banner is armed with a guided-missile system involving missiles SS-19, Stilleto. For 47 years soldiers have been accomplishing complex tasks and protecting our Motherland. Their dangerous working conditions are shown on the pictures below.

A regular cantonment located in Kozelsk city.

Military barrack.

Sports ground.

The monument is devoted to soldiers perished during the Great Patriotic War.

The shift is getting ready to take up duty.

Canteen. Would you like to have a dinner with soldiers?

Civil personnel is working at the kitchen.

Control room.


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21 Responses to “Working With Guided-Missile Systems”

  1. Richard W. says:

    American and Russian soldiers and people can never live together, the two are wired inside the mind too much different. There will be times it is said ‘we are friends’ but it will never really be so. Russia has no God, and the USA does have a God, from there starts the difference. For the Russian it is about ‘Advantage’ for the American, it is about ‘Money’ I think the world will never get along, but destroy itself completly, then the insects and animals can have a new stare. UFO’s will never come here, it’s too polluted. So we will all cause our own doom. ‘Have a nice Day’

    • Archy Bunka says:

      Lousy day at work Rich?

      • Curly Howard says:

        A. Bunka here. The one and only…

        I don’t share your pessimism Richard. When I was in Russia, and I looked at the people, in the parks, on the street, I thought, “if I didn’t know they where Russians I would believe they are Americans.” The reality and insanity of aiming nuclear missiles at each other, and God knows what else…illogical, unconscionable, immoral and inexcusable.

        • OldBikr says:

          All of the basic things are the same. A smile or a frown are understood anywhere. All men know what they like and surprise, surprise, surprise, when they tell what they like those things are so very similar.

          I happen to like the Russian approach to many different things, I also happen to like the US approach too. The old Soviet Union is a land of many different people. Guess what, so is the United States.

          Hmmm. Apart from some of the more extreme ideologies our thinking is really similar too.

          Don’t knock GOD, worship works for some people. Just cause you might not agree, it is not a reason for anyone to decide for anyone else.

    • Chris says:

      The USA has God? Are you sure of that? American Christianity is 3,000 miles wide, and and one inch deep. The Southern Baptists believe only 5%-10% of their membership is saved, can’t imagine that to be different for any other group in the US. The US has a solid Protestant heritage but this is fast dissipating. You need to watch the following sermon by Paul Washer:

      Shocking Youth Message Stuns Hearers, So Shocking the Preacher Was Never Invited Back

      Other than that I pretty much agree with you.

  2. John says:

    There are only two countries in the world that have batallions of ICBMs and only one that has manned spaceflight… go Russia!

    • A. Bunka says:

      Hate to tell you this but Soyuz, at the moment, is on hold due to the third stage failure recently. So, technically, only China can launch men into space right now.

      • John says:

        Actually the next manned flight is in November.


        Shenzhou 10 is not scheduled yet but 2012 at the earliest:


        The USA doesn’t even have a manned space program currently, with the earliest non-crewed SLS modules in 2017 at the earliest:


        • A. Bunka says:

          Scheduled, John, that is the key word here. Hopefully, they will find the problem and fix it.
          Due to an inept congress, and poor planning, plus the fact the US military no longer required the shuttle, the USA has no manned launch system.
          The Soyuz is a fine craft, but it is, more or less, the equivalent of the Gemini. A system the USA last used way back in 1966. It’s a solid launch system. However, if you want to crow about using a system that is basically the same, and has done the same thing for 40 years now, good for you.
          The future is in automation in space. The USA just landed the DAWN project on an asteroid, and for the first time in history, it will take off and land on ANOTHER asteroid. SO, who is ahead John?

          • Vann7 says:

            at the moment US is not ahead on anything in space related. they can’t even send food to their own astronaunts in the space station without the help of russians. The entire space program of americans is halted ,like many other things. because of their economy. So unless US pull a miracle and manage to stop spending they will end in bankrupt like as ARgentina decades ago. where its economy completely collapsed. which is the most likely thing to happen. a major IRAN war started by Israel.will be enough to kill US economy. So while US will be spending trillions on invading countries ,dropping bombs here or there,Russia will be spending that money modernizing its entire defense and space program.

        • A. Bunka says:

          John, you and I have a mutual interest, spaceflight: have you seen this outstanding site?

          Encyclopedia Astronautica


          The most comprehensive space flight web site that I have seen to date. You have to dig a little, but it’s worth it…

  3. Boritz says:

    A few random observations: The hinge for the silo blast door is evidently a state secret.
    Barracks interiors were likely designed by the general’s wife.
    Some soldiers wear 5 different types of camouflage of uniform and equipment (fashion statement?).
    Russian army caps come in one size only-extra small.

    • ayaa says:

      Konechno. Ya predpolagayu, chto eti veshchi zabavny k vam. Mozhet byt oni. No yesli ya nahozhu koe chto nechetnym na amerikanskoi osnove i ukazyvayu eto vam. Vy podstrelili by menya v ogne. Litsemer.

  4. ayaa says:

    Nakonets. Nekotorye krasnye vkladok. Vnosit horoshyee izmenenie ot vseh postov o zelenye vkladki.

  5. (r)evolutionist says:

    “Treat a unit as your family..”
    But I’m the black sheep! (guess that’s why I’m not in the military)

    “A nearby church” What the…??? Prayer ain’t gonna stop incoming missiles! Good luck to your faith!

  6. yojimbo says:

    Some of those guys look to me like they are protecting the missiles and not the actual missile launch crews.In the US they would be either Security Forces if it it was a USAF missile silo or US Marines if protecting the missiles belonging to US Navy Boomers.The other guys look like missile maintenance men which also a different job form the actual launch crew.

  7. L.S.Zlatopolsky says:

    The alarm turned out to be a teenaged hacker in the Philippines! We’ve doomed ourselves with all these gadgets! :-(

  8. Konstantin says:

    First and last

  9. Kent_Diego says:

    I will pass on dinner.

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