20 Severe Life of Chukotka

Severe Life of Chukotka

Posted on September 14, 2011 by team

Chukotka is a Russian federal subject or an autonomous okrug located in the Far East. Today we’ll learn something very interesting about life of the Chukotka population.

Welcome to Kolyma – a golden heart of Russia!

Let’s start with towns of Chukotka and visit Magadan that has the 8 hour time difference with Moscow.

Nature conditions here are not the best : +12 degrees in the middle of summer, constant rain and snow-capped peaks surrounding the airport, that is the only plane place in the region.

“Chance”. Gold.

The town looks rather abandoned and locals are not always friendly, but Magadan still remained some elegance of seaside towns.

The town is very small, and a wonderful board with honorable residents of the town (where it seems almost the entire population is placed) clearly indicates that people here are not so bad.

Unusual positions of houses may surprise. They are all short, but localed closely and not parallel to each other. Many of them are painted, like almost everywhere in the North, in bright colors, and, as a rule, in many bright colors at the same time.

Welcome to Bilibino. The main population of the village is mosquitoes. Others are Russians and Chukchi. The official population is 5,300, but it decreases by a hundred every year. Most of apartments are abandoned, though prices for them are higher than in regions of the European Russian part. What a difficult mechanism of market economy!

“United Russia”.

Kefir drink.

As the only possible way to get here is an aircraft, prices for all goods are extremely high and their quality is very and very doubtful.

Practically all cars have telephone numbers written on them. It is taxi.

Houses are almost all the same, painted in bright colors and stand on piles.

Widespread in the city bikes are left unattended, and no one is afraid for them. Another characteristic detail is the homeless, or to be more precise their absence (the same situation is with metro).

Let’s move to the village Vesenny.

The settlement was created for needs of an artel, that washed and washes now gold. So there live hard workers, geologists, two cooks, and even more mosquitoes.

Practically all meat dishes in a village canteen are made of venison. Its taste is very specific firstly, but not everybody can get used to it.

The village has not any cellular carrier. One-way communication with the world is undertaken with the help of Radio Russia, the only working radio.

In general, half abandoned villages certainly have their charm and can impress a lot, like this school.

Aviation is the major transport in the Far North.

Now let’s just enjoy incredibly beautiful nature pictures of these places.

Mosquitoes here are a very big problem, though, fortunately they are sensitive for different chemical safety means.

By the way, this picture was made in 3-4 a.m. ( polar nights).

Living creatures are not numerous here: some bears, deers and many Arctic ground squirrels ( in common parlance they are called  “evrazhkas” ).

Close the door! Evrazhka!

In the beginning of fall the migration of deers begins, and it has a negative impact on their population, as people kill them in quantities.

Partridges may be caught with bare hands.

A larch is the only hight tree that grows here.

In the north it is naturally to help each other as the live here is really hard.

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20 Responses to “Severe Life of Chukotka”

  1. Ostyak-Vogul says:

    Magadan is not in Chukotka. It is in the oblast of Magadan. The capital of Chukotka is Anadyr. Learn Geography.

  2. Mr. Fox says:

    Thanks to show these solemn photos.

    How great Nature is!
    It seems their life became part of nature.

  3. (r)evolutionist says:

    Beautiful wilderness. Who needs a metro?!

  4. pizd says:

    Very nice pictures, however, there seems to be an overbearing negativity to many of these Russian blogs. These people really travel to remote regions and then complain about everything, including the mosquitoes (unavoidable) and the venison (necessary)?

    Can’t enjoy the place, and accept it for what it is?

  5. yojimbo says:

    This reminds me of Alaska besides a few cities down south in the rest of the state aviation is relied on for transportation for the most part.

  6. opticalsound says:

    Bilibino looks like a nice, quiet backwater. I’d live there if they had a factory I could work in. Maybe a mosquito-repellent manuf. plant? Should change the name to something like Chukotkaville? Bilibino sounds like a disease…

  7. Mgeat says:

    Wow, “chukotka54576.jpg” pic looks like it was shot somewhere in Morrowind!:D

  8. petrohof says:

    half of school is abandoned? yes, both halfs! in soviet times land was raped for precious metals and this is what is left?

  9. R. says:

    “Magadan that has the 4 hour time difference with Moscow” ??? difference is 8 hours.

  10. Verto says:

    I would like to say ,Russia is the one and only country in the world,who is “practically” saving world’s environment by “a b a n d o n e n m e n e n t” ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !.back to the nature by abandon ism ! ! ! ! ! !

  11. John says:

    I love that “United Russia” party banner, it’s the only thing in town not falling apart! You can see how much “United Russia” has done for the provinces, which is basically rape them for the resources giving back nothing in return besides abandoned decaying buildings

  12. too much vodka says:

    Is it really necessary to show such horrific pictures like the one of a dead Cheburashka?

  13. Ivan says:

    Oh ccome on! This report is a peace of sh**t, there are abondoned houses there in chukota, but last 10 years the life has chenged there. there were built new infrostructure, new residential buildings, hospitals and schools, why do you show only abondoned places, you can show something modern from Chukotka, has seen Anadyr? Not so much difference of Alyaska really, come on guy be objective.

  14. Alkofunker says:

    “Magadan that has the 4 hour time difference with Moscow.”

    Try eight!

  15. Don says:

    Its Magadan! Not Chukotka LOL and Chukotka more nice,i mean for life,cos it was rulled by Abramovich.

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