12 Famous Constructions Of Kiev, Part 2

Famous Constructions Of Kiev, Part 2

Last time we had a look at some  famous constructions of Kiev including a complex called Diamond Hill with cost of every apartment estimated at 2 000 000 US dollars.

Seeing sunrise on the roof of one of the central buildings in Kiev.


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12 Responses to “Famous Constructions Of Kiev, Part 2”

  1. John says:

    You should really not be climbing that stuff without safety harnesses – one mistake, one gust of wind, and you’re dead.

  2. Mr. Fox says:

    Harmony of Imperial Russian structures, communistic structures and some mordern structures…

    Thats why russian and eastern european cities are beautiful.

  3. Carol Lynn says:

    Fantastic photos! It’s apparent that the photographers had much fun in climbing the various bridges and towers. The next to the last photo should be called “Tower Streaking” or “Streaking the Tower”. Such Fun!! Thanks for posting/sharing these. Kiev is a beautiful city!! :-)

  4. Curly Howard says:


  5. Zonda says:

    Nice pictures, and ballsy way to take it…

  6. zsorzs says:

    amazing photos… i’m going to kiev but i can’t promise to take as crazy photos as these. you are awesome

  7. davito says:

    I wish I saw this before making my documentary of kiev…I’m coming back for part II…how can I get these crazy shots????

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