32 How Pelmeni Are Made

How Pelmeni Are Made

Posted on September 13, 2011 by team

Today we’ll visit a plant of prepared food “Siberian Gourmet” and examine all production stages from the mincemeat making till the packing of ready products and their delivery to storehouse. Besides meat dumplings the plant produces pancakes, cutlets and khinkali.

It is definitely necessary to wash your hands before entering production shops.

“Siberian Gourmet” takes leading positions from the Urals to the Far East in terms of volume of sold products in various price categories. The volume of production is up to 80 tons in a day, and 25 000 tons per year. Every day over 100,000 people buy ready products of the company and about 1,200 people work here. Production stages include control of all input raw materials, cooking, quality control of dough, filling, shaping, its intermediate control, freezing, packing…

The room for storage of flour. It keeps flour for the whole production, and there it is automatically sifted.

Pelmeni making lines Dominioni produce up to 25 tons of products per day. Flour is fed through a pipeline, then it is kneaded into dough by machines. The program of these machines has a variety of dough recipes, and operators watches proportions of ingredients.

An automatic truck distributes dough on all machines. Dough is rolled in layers, then a whole product is formed.

An operator of this line regularly checks meat fillings in pelmeni.

The finished product is sent by the line to chambers of spiral deep freezing. The temperature in the chambers is -30 — -32°C.

The line of handmade dumplings moulding produces about 10 tonnes per day. The task of workers is to form a dumpling manually: to make a joint and connect its ends.

Handmade ​​pelmeni are moulded of not hard dough and succulent meat.

After the freezing chamber products are carefully sorted, then only appropriate pelmeni are packed.


The next stage is a mulitidispenser, which separates and dispenses products.

After packing products are formed in boxes, then as quickly as possible sent to temporary storage in cold chambers. The finished product has a temperature above zero only for some minutes. This is done to preserve the appearance and quality of pelmeni.

+13 °C .

Khinkali are produced nearby.




The refrigeration and logistics terminal with the constant tempurature of -18 °C.

The storehouse.

Mince for pelmeni is made from 100%  meat and soya is added only in cheap products for consumers’ money savings.


Frozen pork fat of European manufacturers, as well as all raw materials, undergoes a serious laboratory control.

Onion for mince.

Here all mince ingridients are mixed.

The plant has a unique for the Urals device – this fat analyzer from Germany.

The laboratory controls products quality.

All data are kept in computers.

Dough for pancakes.

The automatic system controls quantity of fillings.


Cheese and ham.

The production line produces pancakes with only one filling for a day. Next day – another filling.

Here special pancakes with sweet fillings are baked.

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32 responses to “How Pelmeni Are Made”

  1. moo says:

    Man I love pelmeni!

  2. Mr. Fox says:

    All look delicious.

    I want to buy russian food in my country.
    But sadly, it is hard to find… 🙁

    • Akasha says:

      Don’t you have russian/eastern european supermarkets, at least tiny ones?

      Here in germany we have even a supermarket chain which provides mostly russian food, what an excellent business idea.

      I like pelmeni, but I’ve only tasted fresh made ones and mostly they are much better than ready-made.
      My family is from poland and over there pelmeni are pierogi, and they must be fresh made, otherwise they are disgusting.

      • historian says:

        Not for real thats just not true. There are a lot of trade marks which make excellent frozen pelmeni, but as a pole living in germany you shouldnt even talk about russia..

        • historian says:

          Where should I go back? Im writing from russia? Do you have some intellectual problems?

          Yes as a russophob you shouldnt stop wrting here, most of the stuff you write is just wrong because you know nothing about russia. As this comment is the evidence.

          • historian says:

            I will decide for me where I should go and stay, little russphob girl.

            • Akasha says:

              Do whatever makes you happy – I’ve traveled through most parts of russia and europe, but it seems that you have never left your country or the eastern part to meet other people, you’re behaving way too childish.

              And at least I’m learning your language (beside 3 other ones), I can’t see you trying to understand other people & cultures and communicating with them without being insulting.

    • anony mouse says:

      just wait for a couple of years and Russia will buy your country – then it will be easier

    • Archy Bunka says:

      Missing good food is the hardest part of leaving home, isn’t it…

  3. Matlok says:

    Very interesting post!

  4. Robert says:

    where do you live Mr. Fox?
    well here in DC mmmm i dont know but in NY yes we dont have russian stores like the indian or chinese or korean

  5. historian says:

    pelmeni ftw and close behind wareneki!

  6. Steamed McQueen says:

    Pelmeni! The choice of toddlers and bachelors everywhere in Russia!

    Damn I miss the place…

  7. perristalsis says:

    Strange to see food handlers not wearing gloves on the assembly line. There are exceptions though like if tongs or spatulas are used it’s o.k. Still, I don’t think any processor in the States will let you go glove-less, even if you just stack the packaged food- fear of litigation I think.

    • kalamona says:

      as far as i know, handmade dumplings nearly impossible to do in gloves

      anyway, there i see no problem with it, as long as there is proper cleannes (hands and workplace)

      and i think, they achieved it – the whole place looks neat

      and im hungry now

      (hm, refrigerated pancakes? sounds weird, but i like pancakes, so…)

      • perristalsis says:

        “as far as i know, handmade dumplings nearly impossible to do in gloves”… This is a familiar argument manufacturers use to avoid the extra costs associated with “gloving up” a production line. There are indeed gloves designed for tactile sensitivity, look at what surgeons use, where sense of feel is vital. The public has got to stop swallowing the B.S. manufacturers give out if they expect to improve the quality of their lives.

  8. Otis R. Needleman says:

    Heck, most countries have their equivalents of pelmeni. Go to Korea, you have mandu, stuffed dumplings, or China, or Japan, where they are called gyoza.

  9. Anon150 says:

    A beautiful, state-of-the-art-facility producing TONS of healthy food!

    Question: What is a Pelmini, and a… Khinkali?

    I’m sure they’re delightful, and if you ask the factory for a bit of history, some recipes, and what to drink with these, you’d have international orders by the end of next week!

    Seriously? Whole animals for mince and broth and whatnot?

    I’m in! Whatever they are!

  10. al says:

    Pretty darn clean factory, and modern, too. But what are those animals? Is that lamb? Or goat? Or some strange mutant creature developed 40 years agon in an East German lab?

  11. DouglasU says:

    too many hands in contact with the product…..needs to be automated a lot more.

    • perristalsis says:

      Doug U, my observation as from above: Strange to see food handlers not wearing gloves on the assembly line. There are exceptions though like if tongs or spatulas are used it’s o.k. Still, I don’t think any processor in the States will let you go glove-less, even if you just stack the packaged food- fear of litigation I think………..This got me three bombs, so I thumbs up yours.

    • yojimbo says:

      That is about as automated as a food producing facility can get this place is on par with any 1st world western facility.Beyond that you just have to promote safe handling practices.

  12. Kurtis Blow says:

    Wait, where’s the girl from the first picture ?

  13. Ivana Benderova says:

    MMMMMmmmmm I loves me some pelmeni!

  14. kol of altai says:

    English Russia is largely prone to aggressive stupidity, biased and slanted when it comes to its perspective on Russia. Whomever is responsible for this blog has an outmoded ‘cold war’ mentality that’s little short of idiotic.

  15. Saman says:

    While I was looking for a Pelmeni factory to get the representative of Pelmeni here in Iran I encountered your web site. Would you please guide me how I can find a Pelmeni factory in Russia or other countries near Iran like Armenia?
    Thank you very much.

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