6 Saints Peter and Paul Cathedral From Up To Down

Saints Peter and Paul Cathedral From Up To Down

Posted on September 12, 2011 by team

The roof of Saints Peter and Paul Cathedral is rather inaccessible, so lovers of taking pictures in roofs of some high or historical buildings wish to get there a lot. As you may guess, today we’ll have an access to get to this roof.

A view to the Vasilevsky Island.

A breathtaking look down.

The Trinity bridge.

The fortress of St. Peter was founded on the 16th of May, 1703 on the Zayachy island. It was intended to protect land, won during the Northern War with Sweden. The fortress was built by the plan made with the participation of Peter. According to rules of fortification arts, bastions were erected in corners. By the end of 1703 earthen walls of the fortress were built, then stone ones. They got their names from dignitaries who witnessed the construction process. During Catherine reign, two walls facing the Neva river were covered with granite. In 1712 instead of wooden church of the apostles Peter and Paul, Trezzini constructed a stone cathedral dedicated to the first high apostles, and lately it became a burial vault for Russian emperors. The fortress was called by the name of the cathedral of Peter and Paul.

The Golovkin bastion and (across the river) the Military Historical Museum of Artillery and Engineer and Communication Troops.

During the entire fortress history, not a single shot was done from its bastions. Although this statement is debatable (during World War II in the fortress there were anti-aircraft guns, machine guns and searchlights that repelled enemy air attacks).
From 1872 till 1921 the main political prison was located here. The oldest industrial enterprise of Saint-Petersburg – Mint is also situated on the territory of the Peter and Paul fortress.

Height of the cathedral is 122.5 m, of its steeple – 40 m. The cathedral was consecrated June 28, 1733. Now services are performed only on special occasions, in other time it functions as a museum.

The steeple was damaged several times by the storm ( in 1777 and in 1829).

Outside the windows there are clock dials with hands.

The clockwork.


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  1. Verto says:

    Nice restoration.quality and precision of old time engineering is amazing.

  2. Stoneyzatiger says:

    Want to see more of the blond

  3. D. Bunker says:

    Have to say I love these old clocks with all that precision machinery right out in front of everything.

  4. Mariel says:

    Beautifulllllllllllllllll photos!!!!

  5. too much vodka says:

    The new bells and the new carrillon are the work of Flemish carrillonplayer Jo Haazen, who raised money and put a whole new carrillon on his own initiative. You can regularly listen to carrillon concerts there now.

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