19 New Nuclear Power Station Construction

New Nuclear Power Station Construction

Construction of Novo-Voronezh's nuclear power station is carried out by leading Russian organizations. First works took place in June 2007, while construction of the second nuclear unit was started in July 2009. The new block energy units will stimulate development both of the Voronezh region and Central Russia in general.

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19 Responses to “New Nuclear Power Station Construction”

  1. John says:

    Just what the world needs – another nuclear reactor!

    • Sean says:

      Sure, it’s better to burn some coal, oil and gas and talk about low efficient and costly green energy. How many air conditioners and heaters working simultaneously with an open window a solar or wind station can power? Solar panels require dirty technological process to produce. Oil companies do everything to cancel TOKAMAK research programmme.

      • Renewable energy is already cost-competitive with many major electric grids. Solar in particular is rapidly dropping in price and increasing in market share.

        Advanced countries like Germany are rapidly switching from 1950s-era nuclear technology to more advanced 21st-century technologies. Russia can either advance as well, or be left behind as a relic and wait for another disaster.

        • Jarrett says:

          Populism, nothing more. Solar energy requires reliable sunny sky over the head and Germany doesn’t have it. In the desert areas it would work, wind energy is nothing but costly wind station with even more costly maintenance. Solar energy is indeed perspective, but it will be only reliable in space or orbiting mirrors sending light beams to reflectors on Earth. And what are those 21st century era technologies? Germany is gonna burn gas to fuel electric grid. The burner can be efficient, but combustion chambers for thermal plants are designed and produced in Russia. I think you fell a victim of populistic brain-washing via aggressively advertising TV to satisfy the auditorium which hears what it wants to hear.
          The future is with thermonuclear fusion reaction. Or, if at all possible – cold fusion.

          • John says:

            Actually I have worked in the energy industry, as well as in gas trading. Solar energy does not require permanently sunny skies, although many EU countries linked to the German grid (Spain, Italy) have this in abundance. Wind power is also readily available in many countries, including Germany, and its use is becoming more widespread. Gas has a place in meeting peak demand because of its flexibility and ease of bringing turbines online and offline as needed. However nuclear base demand can be adequately and reliably replaced with renewable energy, especially when done in conjunction with energy efficiency initiatives.

            Don’t believe the propaganda that nuclear is the only way forward.

  2. marxistworker says:

    Atoms are Workers! (unlike rich oligarchs or capitalist industrialists)

  3. DouglasU says:

    They forgot about Chernobyl

  4. alessio says:

    If they really want to make another Nuclear plant…
    I hope that it is very deep in Russia and far far away from europe.
    If too close, sanctions should made upon Russia, it is too dangerous

    • manta says:

      Believe me, Russias’ pressurized water reactors are top of the line products. There are far more dagerous reactors in europe. Most of all the old MAGNOX-Reactors in UK (Oldbury, Wylfa). Here we have now shut down our old boiling water reactors.

    • Sean says:

      Sanctions? Seriously?
      Chernobyl is an old design. I mean, people are such hypocrites, talking about safety, ecology, nature, protesting against nuclear energy yet consuming energy in every way possible, consuming products made with that energy, never bothering to learn where this energy is coming from. Russia (and France, Switzerland as main countries involved in the ITER research programme) really should build huge thermonuclear reactor right on the border with europe and Europe will have no choice but to buy energy produced by this plant, because Europe is shutting down all the nuclear plants and is buying gas to burn on the low-tech thermal energy plants. This is no more if to follow the policy of the low carbon print. Green energy is extremely expensive, low efficient and never reliable, just a subject for hypocritical brain-washed greenhouse grown hippies having no idea where the wealth and high quality life is coming from.What a waist!

    • yourfaceisdangerous says:

      your face is dangerous

  5. manta says:

    This is the new WWER1200, for sure one of the most modern and safest designs. And I say that as a german.
    Look here for more Info: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Novovoronezh_Nuclear_Power_Plant_II

    • j pigden says:

      This is just a further refinement of the American design from 1950. It still would not survive a physical catastrophe like Japan. It STILL requires electricity input to shut down. The CANDU reactor AUTOMATICALLY shuts down, or SCRAMs, when the electricity input stops!

      • Jarrett says:

        American arrogance is charming, sometimes it’s cool to think America invented the world, which to some degree is true, Great Nation deserves references and respect and should be credited, but this design is not a refining of American design, it’s innovative, yet, of course is already old to compare with the new DEMO-1 plant under ITER development. Great nation should be great and big enough to admit Russia is great nation too, even after devastating 90s it develops cool projects and survived with dignity, don’t reduce yourself to ridiculing opponents and pay respect.
        This power plant will be built and it will be good and reliable plant contributing to the country’s advancement and wealth, and of course it will be producing energy for TODAY and NOW, whereas those green energy projects will remain just subjects of endless discussions with some working decorative plants to mute the concerns of ecology.

  6. britzman says:

    My father is working here in the us to convert weapons into nuclear power, based on the soviet/us agreement. It is insane to think that we can continue to pour money into harnessing filthy, outdated and enviorment-killing energy resources for the next 10 years without planning for the next 100 years. The Japan disaster was painfully devastating, but it was no nuclear holocaust and I guarantee the effects of pumping as much carbon/coal into the air as we do for the coming decades will be far worse. We need to double down on the investment of nuclear power technologies, but at the same time learn from the disaster and quad-drouple down on the safety precautions we take in developing these technologies.

    • John says:

      Or we can just replace the base load of nuclear with wind and solar and then not worry about the potential nuclear disasters and the (still unsolved) issue of disposal of long term radioactive waste.

      • Sean says:

        I like the idea with two types of energy plants – thermonuclear fusion and solar energy. Solar energy is practically free, it comes in huge amount and to catch it is what we experience the technological advances with. Certainly the solar panel are not the solution – too dirty technology of making and wear and tear process is way to fast, but system of the mirrors to focus strong solar beam on the boiler to produce high pressure steam is very realistic. I also like orbiting plants which would generate the energy 23/7, but it’s way too expensive to build. This is for civilian usage.

        On the other hand, the thermonuclear fusion is powerful, waste-free, superefficient and practically eternal source of energy which can be used to fuel superenergy consuming technological processes such as industry and steel alloy production, electrolysis to produce hydrogen and oxygene, the oil cracking for plastic and plane fuel production, the chemical industry and space program. In the future, I think, the humanity would need a super-powerful energy plants for the airspace programs as well as to shoot off the potentially dangerous asteroids and comets aiming to hit the Earth.

  7. fufu says:

    Please build another one near Moscow.

  8. fotomate says:

    I didn’t know that Russians are building new power plant station

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