15 Forest with A Surprise

Forest with A Surprise

Posted on September 10, 2011 by team

Sometimes woods near Moscow may have much unexpected surprises. Here is, for example, an ordinary forest : bushes, grass, trees. Everything is green, living, natural. And then suddenly an electric control panel occured from behind a tree.

How interesting! Then after looking around, through green leaves we could notice an inconspicuous building.

It turned out that this building was not the only one here. Near some of them there were metal stages, that at first sight reminded of observation towers.

“Follow the rules of safety techniques”.

Let’s see what is hidden inside.


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15 Responses to “Forest with A Surprise”

  1. Rembo says:

    That missile find is kind of frightening.

  2. Barry Trotter says:

    I doubt those missiles, if thats what they are, would still function. They need to be maintained and tested regularly like any other piece of hardware.

  3. Fascinating article.A person never knows what they may find inside of strange buildings in the woods.

  4. Addy says:

    Russia really is a wonderland!

  5. Otis R. Needleman says:

    Astounding. I just don’t understand how all this stuff can just be abandoned.

  6. Zonda says:

    It’s a very serious matter those “lost” equipment. Russia as the rest of the world are confronting with terrorism, so God help us to not find wrong persons this kind of hot stuff!

  7. Jozo says:

    I love exploring places like this. But what if there was a forest fire? Would it make the missiles go off?

  8. pytor says:

    half of the russia is filled with these waste and other half is littered with people killed by communists and nazis

  9. Jon White says:

    Looks like a SCUD. The guidance fins are inside the exhaust.

  10. paul says:

    russia, pathetic as ever. no matter what shortcomings western countries may have, one can always rely on the east for achieving astounding levels of incompetence.

  11. Scott says:

    Somehow reminds me of the film set used to make “Solaris” Directed by Boris Nirenburg and written by Nikolay Kemasky and how it might look now.

  12. Bob greene says:

    Communists are paranoid,they spend big $$$$$$ on weapons and the people suffer and suffer and starve..

    • Arsenic says:

      Yeah,democratic countries like USA never spend money on weapons, and take really good care of their people.
      2 milion of americans are homeless,and an even amount live in such poor conditions, that russian ghetto look like 3 star accomodation, but offcourse thats a well kept secret of the capitalist system .
      Usa military spendings succeed that of China, Russia and India together, and yet you all live the american dream?

  13. cyrus says:

    Holy shit there was a warhead still on one of thows missiles! All you need to do is connect a battery and boom!

  14. Edmund Blackadder says:

    I would love to get my hands on the silver control box on page nine.

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