23 Some Shots of Oligarchs Life

Some Shots of Oligarchs Life

Posted on September 9, 2011 by team

Here are just some photos of ordinary Russian very rich men.

Roman Abramovich goes out of “Garage”, the center of modern culture, 2009

Oligarch Alexander Mamut on vacations in Courchevel, 2009.

Bankrupt developer Shalva Chigirinsky (he had the 65th place in the ranking of Forbes in 2009), first mayor deputy Vladimir Resin, and the only woman in the “Gold hundred” of Forbes – Baturina (the 27th in the latest Forbes) in Monaco, 2008.

One of the owners of the holding “Metalloinvest” Vasily Anisimov at the show of designer Diane von Furstenberg, 2005.

Yakobishvili boasts a cow at the presentation of “Cattle Parade”.

Owner of the company Bosco di Ciliegi Mikhail Kusnirovich and president of IMA group Andrew Gnatuk in Venice, 2005

Chief editor of TV channel “Russia-2″ Dmitry Mednikov and general director of “Gazprominvestholding” Alisher Usmanov, 2007.

Model Naomi Campbell, co-owner of Capital Group Vladislav Doronin and jeweler Favaz Gruozi at a charity dinner dedicated to the decade of Vogue magazine in Russia, 2008.

Wife of ex Moscow mayor Yuri Luzhkov, Elena Baturina in Monaco, 2008.

Former shareholder of “Inteko” Victor Baturin at the presentation of StarHit journal, 2007.

Chairman of Sberbank German Gref and his wife Jana at the birthday party of producer Boris Krasnov in the Forum Hall, 2009.

Co-owner of the insurance company “RESO-Garantia” Nikolai Sarkisov (the 74th in the latest ranking of Forbes) at the club Les Caves, Courchevel, 2006.


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23 Responses to “Some Shots of Oligarchs Life”

  1. Don says:

    banditskie rozhi! Only Chichvarkin a good one!

  2. LeningradSKY says:

    ZOG gallery

  3. Davor says:

    Is Chichvarkin wearing a dress in that pic?

  4. René De Beaumarchais says:

    Miam, oysters!

  5. paul says:

    this is what happens when a people is told again and again how evil capitalists are. when they are finally allowed to be capitalists they are the most evil and cut-throat they can be.
    the russians have taken their archetype of a capitalist off of a soviet propaganda poster and made it real. now that cartoon runs their country.

  6. Uncledoh says:

    they should give away a bit of their fortune, ill send my address.

  7. I was wondering if all these men are Jewish?

  8. marxistworker says:

    Capitalism is just a temporary phase in history. It will probably destroy humanity with it’s amorality and injustice but the World will go on without us.

  9. pytor says:

    Once again western european and american capitalism has won.ordinary citizens in these countries lived a descent life till 1990s.And yes,russians as usual blame jews when their rulers treat them bad.when their own czars and communists killed millions, were jews responsible?No.Russians are ruthless and cruel to their own countrymen.

  10. ayaa says:

    And still non-Russians wonder why the Revolution happened, or why most Russians support Putin.

    • too much vodka says:

      Do you expect a revolution from Putin, he is the oligarchs best friend, in fact, he is one of them.

      • too much vodka says:

        It was you who linked Putin to the revolution, not me… And if Putin could get rid of the oligarchs, then why is he making life so easy for them? Because he’s not planing on getting at them, even of he could: he’s their best friend and is in fact one of them. By the way, why should someone be a russphobe just because he does’nt like Putins friendly behvaiour towards oligarchs – is Russia nothing more to you than Putin?

  11. ayaa says:

    Most of these corrupt traitors are infact Jewish or of Jewish origin. It is true that anti-jewish sentiment in Russia is strong and only keeps growing. And with good reason.

    O da, Pytor. Zakroĭte vash grebanyĭ rot, ili ya sdelayu Vas.

  12. I can tell by the beaks,the girth, and the sinister arrogance.When they make others their victims they feel justified when they are the victims they scream to the high heavens.

  13. ClaudioM says:

    Very similar to what happens here in Brazil. The only difference is that money here comes from higher and higher taxes to politicians hands, through corruption.

  14. I think [ayaa] is a genuine Russian and speaks from the heart.I hope whoever [ayaa] is that they continue to comment because I sense the honesty in these comments.

  15. Scott says:

    La Rich Go – is an anagram of oligarch.

  16. Mark says:

    I bet these oligarchs have some hot women with them. Where are the pics of their women?

  17. 2cb attack says:

    These jews were robbed Russia

  18. Klaus says:

    Bring Lenin back!

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