3 Men In Green

Men In Green

They serve and process different machines like the intelligence chemical vehicle shown below.

The vehicles are only used where nothing else will do.  In the early 1960s the USSR required more models of single-unit tracked snow and swamp-going vehicles that could carry payloads in excess of 5 tonnes. They even developed a specialized design bureau that was busy with construction of such machines.


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  1. ayaa says:

    Eto DT30 tolʹko stoit priblizitelʹno 200 000 dollarov. No yego zapadnyĭ ekvivalent stoil by , do 5 umnozhennyh bolʹshe , i chashche chem ne , perenesut otkaz v chrezvychaĭnyh usloviyah. I vse zhe lyudi dumayut , chto moshchnaya amerikanskaya armiya luchshe chem rossiĭskaya Armiya.

  2. Barbar says:

    Cocaine fields! No wonder they are using chemical suits. It’s dangerous to sniff it suddenly.

  3. davorccc says:

    I was ABKO and we never do training with weapons.

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