9 Animals That Give The Creeps

Animals That Give The Creeps

Department of Experimental Taxidermy and Vivisection of Chernobyl Veterinary Academy in collaboration with Research and Development Establishment of Ultra-Heavy Biochemical Pharmaceuticals present a set of pictures entitled The Silence of The Arctic Fox Cubs. A number of the daemonic and terrifying creatures are presented below.

The hellish ferret.

The syphilitic noseless puppy.

The creatures are born when Primates mate with Arachnidas.

To the issue about the harm of drug dependence.

The issue of overdosage is of a great importance as well.

The ever-angry monkey adores driving cars and stealing bombshells from soldiers.

The owl was punished for excessive drinking and frightening the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

Chernobyl genetics are extremely proud about the species.

This cute little animal can be dangerous only at time of mating.

The squirrel underwent a Cesarean section.

This ugly animal can be found in central Russia. Alive creatures are usually called  roe deers. They became largely extinct in the 1700s and were only later reintroduced.

This little fox is a remote relative of the noseless dog shown above and becomes especially dangerous at midnight.

Looking at the flesh marks of the antigravitational roe, one can say for sure that the animal had seen a tough life. The animals around must be wondering where his legs have gone and whether they are planning to come back.

The animal is undefined. Nevertheless, its bare-teeth face and goggled eyes make the creature unforgettable.

The shoes with raws of a mole-rat are usually put on cadavers. They are unique as can easily cut the road underground putting its owner to the nether world fast and easy.

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9 Responses to “Animals That Give The Creeps”

  1. ayaa says:

    Net nichego, chto zhutkiĭ v etih zhivotnyh yavlyaet·sya tam! Yestʹ li? :)

  2. wing says:

    The small deer with tusks is a MUNTJAC, not uncommon in Britain. The photos are in extremely bad taste and one dreads to imagine what goes on in that hellish lab.

  3. Tovarich Volk says:

    They should lend these out to the Zombie Parade

  4. cockatrice says:

    The Island of Dr. Moreau? That bear looks like she’s feeling no pain. Must be an American inner city Polar Bear.

  5. Jozo says:

    HAHAHA this is funny :-D

  6. joel says:

    What a creepy taxidermy!

  7. gen. Kharkov says:

    What has it to do with Russia? Except for comments by a russian livejournal graphomaniac. :)
    Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2014186/Taxidermy-animals-gone-wrong.html

  8. Muzzlehatch says:

    Memo to student taxidermists: “Do not drink the embalming fluid!”

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