24 Tragedy In Yaroslavl

Tragedy In Yaroslavl

Tragedy that occurred to members of a hockey team in Yaroslavl city made not only inhabitants of the city but also entire Russian citizens go into mourning.

Lokomotiv Yaroslavl was a Russian professional ice hockey team playing in the Kontinental Hockey League (KHL). Here players of Locomotive are expressing joy over the roll-on during the final match between hockey teams of Yaroslavl and Moscow region.

Players from the Moscow region are listening to the speech of KHL President Alexander Medvedev who announced his decision to stop the match between the teams of Ufa and Moscow regions because of the aviation accident that happened to Locomotive. According to final data, two people out of 45 passengers could survive.


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24 Responses to “Tragedy In Yaroslavl”

  1. OLUT says:

    It is horrible, it’s a horrible thing these people are gone. Heartbreaking. I still can’t believe it. My heart goes out to the families and friends of the fallen, may you find peace.

  2. Zonda says:

    Indiferent the part of the world hapend, such tragedies bring a lot of sadnes in my soul. RIP for all of them!

  3. FilipCZ says:

    There was also 3 czechs… Russians didn’t mentioned it, as always…

    • historian says:

      Haha another nationalist from czech. Russian mentioned all players yesterday, also german, lithuanian, ukranian players.

      But I see you belong to the many nazi from czech who hates russia :)
      You can hate it, but your country will be always behind it. Deal with it.

      • Chico says:

        And at least one Swede, the goalie. They played for a Russian league. You put on that uniform, you die there, Russia mourns and they are “Russian players.” I guess people want to be angry rather than mourn.

      • PF says:

        The player was Latvian, not Lithuanian. And it seems weird to hear Russians accusing Eastern Europeans of nazism, when there is much more nazism spreading around in your own country. I can’t remember hearing a single case about skinheads killing people in Eastern Europe because of their nationality, while it seems such news come from Russia almost every month. But this is not the place to argue about such topics.

        The catastrophe is plain horrible and my heart breaks for all those young, talented people and those who loved them. I hope medics will be able to save Galimov.

  4. DisturbedBR says:

    Terrible! RIP friends!

    NOTE: the tilte is wrong “TRADEGY”

  5. amo says:

    R.I.P Pavol Demitra. One of the best players in the world and one BIG man for slovak hockey. Such a bad end of this hockey star…

  6. Kalimba says:

    Every time a sports team dies this way, leaves a sorrow, and reminds that our existence here is never a granted thing.

  7. Nash says:

    Stefan Liv, my all time favorite player was on this plane.

    Remember him from the first game I saw him play live in Jönköping. He stepped onto the ice before the game and instantly fell on his arse. Stod up, skated to the goal and shut the game completly. One of the best goaltenders outside the HNL.

  8. Archy Bunker says:

    My condolences. There are serious safety issues with domestic flights in Russia.

  9. SVK says:

    RIP, Slovak player Demitra died ther, the legend here :(

  10. Otis R. Needleman says:

    What a shame. My condolences to all the loved ones.

  11. Tovarich Volk says:

    It’s sad to see so many talented people go like this. –Hopefully the investigation into this tragedy will put safeguards into place to ensure that this won’t happen again.

    My respects to the families of the players involved.

  12. (r)evolutionist says:

    Let’s remember: They were all humans, regardless of “country.” They may have all had families. We are all related…

  13. Verto says:

    Who is the responsible for this terrible incident???? answer is short and simple, “authorities”who are the responsible for Aviation safety.every second or third day Soviet/Russian origin plane is crashed due to lack of inspection and safety.ctop this criminal negligence and save Russian future ! ! ! ! ! ! !R I P to all of who died in this accident.

  14. ayaa says:

    What can the authorities or anyone else do when its pilot error that leads to a crash. Yes, that’s right. The preliminary investigation suggests that it was pilot error that caused this tragedy, not the fault of the plane or maintenance staff.

  15. mikefromCanada says:

    As much as man believes he has a hand in his own destiny, stark reminders like this remind us all how fragile we really are. Rest in peace Brad Mccrimmon, Pavol Demitra, Ruslan Salei, Karel Rachunek, Karlis Skrastins, Josef Vasicek, Alexander Vasyunov, Alex Karpovtsev, Igor Korolev and all the rest. May their families find peace in time.

  16. former_russian says:

    the nation of slaves can only die. As usual, most talented die first.

  17. PIF says:

    R.I.P. guys…

  18. juho says:

    Terrible country with terrible aircraft, what else to say

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