6 Famous Constructions Of Kiev

Famous Constructions Of Kiev

Let’s have a look at Diamond Hill, the most supercool residential house in Ukraine and some other famous constructions. Diamond Hill contains de-lux apartments with the highest level of service located on the coast of the Dnieper. Every apartment is estimated at 2 000 000 US dollars.

Diamond Hill is well-observed from the highest residential house in Ukraine in Klovsky Spusk Str. Now the house is covered with glass and looks much better than it used to.

The bridge was named in honor of the well-known academician Evgeny Paton, who contributed a lot to the design of the bridge and died 3 month after completion of the construction.


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  1. pytor says:

    city looks wonderful in picture.But is it good to live?USA also have some beautiful cities but one cant live there because of crime,polution,lack of jobs

  2. ayaa says:

    Krasivyĭ gorod. Druzhelyubnye lyudi. Luchshe, chem lyuboĭ zapadnyĭ gorod.

  3. montenegro says:


  4. Verto says:

    Preperation for another “socialist” revolution! ! ! ! ! !

  5. cia says:

    Smog? Fog? Or both?

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