11 Back to the Wonders of Wooden Chip

Back to the Wonders of Wooden Chip

Posted on September 8, 2011 by team

We’ve already met artist Sergey Bobkov, 54 and seen his amazing works. He and his son Artyom installed a sculpture of two life-sized martens made from cutting chips of Siberian cedar at an exhibition of his works in a local school in the settlement of Kozhany, 207 km (129 miles) southwest of Krasnoyarsk, September 5, 2011. Bobkov, who received a patent on manufacturing art sculptures made of cutting chips, spent eight months creating the two martens, using about 150 thousand pieces of Siberian cedar. In total he has made 15 life-size wooden sculptures of Siberian birds and animals.

More pictures of Sergey’s masterpieces in the post.

Bobkov looks at his sculptures of life-sized birds and two martens made from cutting chips from Siberian cedar at an exhibition of his works in Kozhany.


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11 Responses to “Back to the Wonders of Wooden Chip”

  1. People's Commissar says:


  2. cro says:

    Beautiful! Simply beautiful! I didnt know it was possible to do that from a wood..

  3. Hans says:

    Amazing skill.

  4. Musa says:

    Yes, I remember this artist, his work is impressive and amazing.

  5. Akasha says:

    Oh how lovely! At first glance I thought the marten was real, the wood looks like fur.

    This is true handicraft: skill & patience.

  6. Chris says:

    Holy cow!

  7. Verto says:

    Perfection! ! ! ! !

  8. mook mookin says:

    you can’t get the wood, you know

  9. Erik says:

    This is simply the most incredible work of art I’ve ever seen!

  10. mark alexander says:

    this man is a GENIUS!
    going on the theory it dosent matter what your art is, just how good you are art, it, he’s bloody amazing genius

  11. rafi says:

    absoulutely wow,wowowo

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