53 20 Little-Known Facts About Ukraine

20 Little-Known Facts About Ukraine

Posted on September 8, 2011 by team

Very interesting facts about Ukraine that you haven’t probably known before.

1. Most words in the Ukrainian language starts with the letter “п”. The most frequently used letter of the Ukrainian alphabet – “о”. The letters “ф” and “г” are used least often.


2. George Gershwin wrote one of the world’s most famous songs, “Summertime”, after being inspired by an old Ukrainian lullaby called “Sleep Is Tiptoeing About” performed by the Ukrainian National Chorus.


3. The third most visited McDonald’s in the world is located in Kiev, near the train station. This restaurant has always been in the top five most crowded McDonald’s in the world. Last year, it served 2.283.399 visitors.


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53 Responses to “20 Little-Known Facts About Ukraine”

  1. People's Commissar says:

    Buran <3

  2. Kalimba says:

    And Ukrainian men are happy to live with the worlds most beautiful women.

    • Gerry says:

      Sure they are happy to live with their women but they are also very happy to abandon them, sometimes during pregnancy or with small child. Take a look at divorce rates in Ukraine or how many single-parent families exist…it’s alarming fact number 21.

      • Hans says:

        Don’t be jealous. Many countries have that single parent problem, or worse. Ukrainian women are simply beautiful, and you can’t change that.

    • Peter says:

      Visit Hungary… ;)

  3. eneils says:

    Appears to be a very interesting region.
    That is a very pretty young lady in the first picture.
    Are all Ukrainian women as pretty as this one?
    I would love to visit Russia and take a ride on the Trans Siberian Railroad and visit Kamchatka and the Kola peninsular.
    I live in the state of South Carolina in the USA.
    Thank you for the pictorial essays.

  4. Yubin Yankinov says:

    @Kalimba: I almost agree. I dated a girl from Dnepropetrovsk. She was gorgeous, but too skinny. Then I dated a Turkish girl, and she was perfect.

  5. René De Beaumarchais says:

    1st pic woman is very pleasant-looking.

  6. Archy Bunker says:

    Nice hair.

  7. Viggen says:

    A lot of missleading info. An-225 “Mriya” was not “invented” by Ukrainians. The Antonov An-225 was designed for Soviet space program. Oleg Antonov was born in Russia near Moscow. Antonov Design Bureau was founded by Soviets not by Ukrainians.

    • Chris says:

      What’s a Soviet??? Russians and Ukrainians are ethnic group. Soviets were citizens of the USSR, all ~146 ethnic groups. Just like there’s no such thing as a British ethnicity, though there is an English ethnicity, Irish, Welsh and Scottish.

      • Viggen says:

        The matter of fact is that the An-225 “Mriya” was not Ukrainian “invention” nor financed by Ukranians. It was product of Soviet engineers and financed by the Soviet govenment in Moscow. The Antonov Design Bureau inherited by independent Ukraine.

      • ayaa says:

        I think what he means that the Mirya dates back to Soviet times, not modern Ukraine.

    • FoOnT says:

      Absolutely wrong! Antonov Construction bureau is located in Kiev as Antonov aircraft factory and 410 aircraft repair factory. Almost every engineer, working on this plant was ukrainian, “Mriya” is our pride. No one in the world can’t repair Antonov aircrafts as good as we do. And there is no other factories for such type of aircrafts all around the world. Yes it was ukrainian tribute to airspace program “Energiya-Buran”. But if you know-Russian part of it “Buran” itself is destroyed and what is left is sold to chinese by russian corrupted officials. Russians, actually destroyed and plundered Baykonur itself. No one has a deal to it’s own people and humanity in general in that country now. It’s reign of money there. And all, what is left of such beautiful and mighty country now rot unclaimed. All their concerns now is to get more money to corrupted pockets by selling oil. We are not like them. And i don’t want to be compared with russians so us i don’t want somebody ton assign merits of Ukraine to Russia and USSR. We are just to separate nations. You should realize that Ukraine was one of the biggest republics in the USSR, we had our own powers and resources to make such a beautiful airplane.And maybe you will be surprised, but we still do.

  8. Viggen says:

    Champagne comes only from French region of Champagne, therefore, Ukrainians made the world’s largest glass of sparkling wine NOT Champagne!

    • Hi says:

      They could have filled the glass with champagne from the region of Champagne, making it the world’s largest glass of champagne.

    • too much vodka says:

      The Champagne region has the monopoly on producing Champagne, not on producing Champagne glasses. So it still is the largest Champagne glass in the world.

    • renniks says:

      They made the biggest champagne glass in the world – nothing wrong with that.
      Also, America can make sparkling wine and call it ‘champagne’, as they are not bound by legislation brought in in the EU.

  9. Musa says:

    The Ukrainian lullaby is beautiful. I had never heard that’s where he got Summertime before, that’s really cool. Excellent Post, Thanks for sharing.

  10. Akasha says:

    fact 21: one of their most-loved folk heros is stepan bandera

    • Cheburator says:

      Only in the west. He is hated in the east as a nazi collaborator.

      • Akasha says:

        you mean in the western part of ukraine?
        this could be true, I’ve only travelled mostly in the west of the country 5 years ago, and wherever I went, I could admire lots of *newly* built bandera-memorials

        • Cheburator says:

          Yes, in the western part commonly known as Galicia. He is admired a lot there, but nowhere else. Sadly monuments to Galician nazis are built by the dozen with funds that western provinces receive from Kiev (their budgets are heavily subsidized at the expense of provinces in the east).

    • CZenda says:

      Erm… you are seeing Nazis everywhere, which may very well be the symptom of a progressive paranoid schizophrenia, or simply long-term alcohol poisoning – some see pink elephants, others white mice, you may be seeing Nazis. Anyway, it is high time to see a doctor, maybe it is not too late yet.

    • FoOnT says:

      I live in Kiev and i hate those, who tells he is a hero. He helped nazis and was just a bandit.

  11. Leningradsky says:

    I luv Kiev escort girls!

  12. schtuka says:

    Pic 5 comment. Need to mention that Moldovans consume mostly wine, not hard liquor like Russians and Polish and Ukies.
    West Ukraine differs from East Ukraine with heavy Polish and Austrian influences due to being assimilated into USSR in 1940.

  13. Ardoise says:

    Her name is Anna Belova.

  14. Cheburator says:

    9. Ukrainians invented a plane with the largest freight-carrying capacity in the world – the An-225 “Mriya”.

    The plane was invented during the soviet days. The project did not move very far after the independence.

    10. In 1710, Ukrainian Hetman Pylyp Orlyk introduced “Pacts and Constitutions of Rights and Freedoms of the Zaporizhian Host”, at that time a super-progressive document which meant to separate powers into three branches and regulate the rights and responsibilities of the government and citizens. Some researchers believe that this document is one of the world’s first constitutions.

    These “researchers” usually come from the ukrainian diaspora in Canada ;)
    This “constitution” was written by a bunch of cossacks in exile (they betrayed Peter the Great and sided with king Charles XII of Sweden, and had to flee after they lost the war). According to this “progressive document” the head of Ukraine was supposed to be the King of Sweden.
    Also “Pylyp” signed his name as “Philip”, the more “ukrainian” name Pylyp was given to him by the ukrainian nationalists centuries later.

  15. marxistworker says:

    How about this? Trotsky, Zinoviev, Khrushchev, Brezhnev, and Chernenko were all born in Ukraine (or Ukrainian S.S.R.).

  16. nic says:

    Mrya was a Soviet intervention with both etnic Russians and Ukraines working on it. You can name everything invented after independence as “Ukrainian” (i can´t remember anything but “Femen”) if you want but before all these republics was very intertwined and certainly Russia & Ukraine…

  17. nic says:

    I saw a dicovery program about huge planes. Every 15 seconds they (the English) where banging in that ´Mrya was a Ukraine intervention who miraculously, i guess, turned up in a vacuum place were Oleg Antonov and Soviet never existed…

  18. Martin says:

    And you forgot to mention truly beautiful and stunning Ukrainian girls! :) One of the most beautiful in the world (basically as everywhere in Eastern Europe and old Soviet countries). It was one of my best trip to Ukraine few years ago and when I had to go home, I feel tearful living my “ordinary” life in Western Europe, and miss this simple life, great country and good people..

  19. Cheburator says:

    No, it is simply the result of the “effective market economy” in action ;)

  20. yojimbo says:

    Why be jealous? Any person from one country can marry a person from another.My wife was born in the Ukraine and I am American and no she is not a mail order bride.I met her in Germany she was going to college in Germany and I was in the military we have been married for 12 years.What you say is true about single parent problems I would bet that there is a higher ratio in the US.

  21. DoDo says:

    An-225 is not Ukrainian. it’s Soviet, made mostly by Russian scientists. Well, study aerodynamics, buddies! :D

    • FoOnT says:

      You didn’t mentioned that russians invented air, wheel, soil, sun, moon and even night and day were invented by russians. Due to the lack of education you, russians, become a black people of Alabama. Ignorant and superselfish.

  22. TrainFromUkraine says:

    When Pylyp Orlyk wrote his “constitution” he was already living in exile in France, so its significance is purely symbolic. Paris suburbs of Orly and its namesake airport are named after Orlyk.

  23. ayaa says:


    Kak hoteli by vy vashe razrushenie? Uzhasayushchyee vsyeobshchyee, nikakaya chetvert, dannaya vtorzhenie. Ili yedinstvennoe yadernoe napadenie. Vse s lyubovyu ot teh teh zhe samyh nyeosvedomlennyh, egoistichnyh russkih vysshego kachestva.

  24. Mike Patton says:

    Always good to hear & learn positive stuff from random nations!

  25. mikey says:

    ukraine has been burning stray dogs and cats in a incenerater :(

  26. Hans Zer Habber says:

    The only problem this country have is location. Russian ruined every bordering country. Also Ukraine is knows for Schevchenko – football player and Klitscho brothers – Heavy weight Boxers.

  27. vani says:

    happy to visit this site….thank you to give a great information about ukraine

  28. Steve says:

    Fun fact. Ukraine is invention of Lenin. “Country” inselve exists only 20 years and has dissociative identity disorder…

  29. kennedy says:

    what the i dont understand it but good pictures

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