7 Modern Military Equipment Of MAKS-2011

Modern Military Equipment Of MAKS-2011

Mobile communications center МАDS-125.

The 5P73-2М launcher.


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7 Responses to “Modern Military Equipment Of MAKS-2011”

  1. testicules says:

    Soon to be in the hands of the chinese and indians.

  2. ohyeah says:

    ELINS-41 looks like a great console for classic DOS games like “Prince of Persia” and others. I wonder if it comes with MS DOS install floppies..

    • Peter says:

      Such a computer should not have the latest PC hardware. It neets rather to be very reliable. The speciality of such handhelds are the military ports for the various aircrafts/weapon systems/etc.. Linux or Windows is sometimes only for the GUI.

  3. Bashir says:

    it looks very interested

  4. R Sole (Bottom Inpector Nr 627729) says:

    МАDS-125 mast is not fully erected, looks like radio astronomy there :)

  5. Marc says:

    Nobody would ever want to conquer Russia, so what are these weapons for and why is it that they make all this future rust and waste, but not even one decent automobile, computer, or camera?

    • banana says:

      Marc it is very easy to import a car, computer or a camera. It is also very easy to re-design and copy a car, computer or a camera…but why compete with the Chinese who are ripping everything off? It is not easy to import state of the art weaponry.

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