7 Modern Military Equipment Of MAKS-2011

Modern Military Equipment Of MAKS-2011

The final set of pictures taken at the International salon MAKS-2011 show air defense facilities, helicopter engines, ground engines, night observation devices, etc.

The air-defense missile system  ‘Pechora-2M’.

Antenna station UNV-2M.

Mobile communications center МАDS-125.

The 5P73-2М launcher.

Control cabin.

Repair module.

Portable block of electric power supply.

Loader launcher 9A84ME.

Launcher 9A83ME, part of the air defense missile weapon system С-300VM ‘Antey-2500′.

Modernized military machine 9А33BМ3.

Military machine 9А331МК.

The antiaircraft armored truck ‘2С6М1′.

Self-moving turret 9А317E.

Mobile hand radar 1L122-1Е.

Small-scale radiodetector 1L122-2Е.

Small-scale radiodetector 1L121Е.

Radiodetector ‘Protivnik-GE’.

Mobile repair and diagnostic center RDК-М3-2.

The 9M334 air defense missile module. The missile is designed around a canard configuration. It is launched vertically by a powder catapult to a height of 15 – 20 m. It is then turned in the target direction, and its main solid-propellant rocket motor gets ignited. The single-stage rocket motor has two operating modes. In the liftoff mode, the motor imparts the maximum speed of 850 m/s to the missile for 4 s of flight; in the cruise mode, lasting up to 12 s, the motor maintains this speed. Such a flight speed envelope ensures the required power-to-weight ratio, which enables the missile to cover a zone of up to 12 km in range and defeat targets flying at a speed of up to 700 m/s and g-loads of up to 10 g. The missile is maintenance-free and accommodated in a four-compartment transport launch canister.

The antiaircraft guided weapon 48Н6Е3.

The antiaircraft guided weapon 9М82МE.

The antiaircraft guided weapon 9М83МE.

The 91RE1 rocket.

The 3М-14E rocket.

The rocket 3М-54E.

The guided radar on the base of 9С482М7.

The intelligence and control module 9C932-1 from the basic set of Barnaul-T is designed to equip the battery commander’s point or commander post, antiaircraft battalion tactical military units and defense manages fighting anti-aircraft defense units, coordinating their actions and increasing survivability under conditions of military surroundings.

The mobile complex of all-weather control ‘TRITON WM’.

The AI-222-25 engines have been optimized to be operated on up-to-date trainer, combat trainer, and light combat aircraft and comply with strict requirements for the engines of this class. Using the AI-222 family engines will allow creating a number of highly competitive aircraft. At customer’s request, all AI-222 engines can be equipped with vectored thrust nozzles or their versions with afterburners can be developed.

The RD-33 is a turbofan engine that was developed in OKB-117 lead by S. P. Izotov (now OAO Klimov) from 1968, production started in 1981. It is an 8,000 to 9,000 kilograms-force thrust class turbofan twin-shaft engine with afterburner built by the Klimov company of Russia and has several variants. It features a modular design, individual parts can be replaced separately and has a good tolerance to the environment. The RD-33 is simple to maintain and retains good performance in challenging environments

This engine was taken from the Mil Mi-38 is a transport helicopter designed by Mil Moscow Helicopter Plant. Originally intended as a replacement for the Mil Mi-8 and the Mi-17, it is being marketed in both military and civil versions. It flew for the first time on 22 December 2003.

Optical radar station is used on airplanes MiG-29K, MiG-2 9UPG, MiG-29M/M2.

Detector of laser exposure and detector of attacking missile.

The open-sight LPD-2M.

Control cabin of a perspective airplane.

Radar facility ‘Arbalet’.

The helmet imaging and pointing system.

Demonstration of the concept of fuel elements used in aviation.

The antihelicopter equipment was designed for defeating low-flying targets.

The explosively-formed penetrator warhead with follow-through destructive element to the Kb-25 ml missile.

Antenna of the radar system Irbis-E.

Blocks of uncontrolled rockets.

The rocket launcher PU-1716 ensures protection of surface-crafts from precision weapon with radar, optic and combined navigators. A shot is made with the help of reactive rockets SKP-51 in a definite direction and 30-100 meters away from the ship creating false targets with physical fields similar to the ones that protect the ship.

Different types of PU-1716 launchers.

Night-vision goggles GEI-NV-|||-ОNV.

This mobile radar intelligence station searches for artillery positions 1L271.

Unified artillery automatic ballistic station 1B66.

Mobile portable radar intelligence station of land-based moving targets with a panoramic indicator.

Portable radar station of close scouting with a panoramic indicator.

Thermal temperature and night observation sights.

Night vision monocular N37T-36M2;  night binoculars with transmission of images in conditional colors EXPLORER.

Night vision goggles N3T-22.

Field computer diagnostic complex PKDK-BT.

Portable data handling machine ‘ELINS-41′.

This more modern variant of the machine fulfills functions of control calculation device and is used as a remote task station.

Control equipment for modernized antiaircraft mounting ZU-23/30M104.

Location: Moscow

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  1. testicules says:

    Soon to be in the hands of the chinese and indians.

  2. ohyeah says:

    ELINS-41 looks like a great console for classic DOS games like “Prince of Persia” and others. I wonder if it comes with MS DOS install floppies..

    • Peter says:

      Such a computer should not have the latest PC hardware. It neets rather to be very reliable. The speciality of such handhelds are the military ports for the various aircrafts/weapon systems/etc.. Linux or Windows is sometimes only for the GUI.

  3. Bashir says:

    it looks very interested

  4. R Sole (Bottom Inpector Nr 627729) says:

    МАDS-125 mast is not fully erected, looks like radio astronomy there :)

  5. Marc says:

    Nobody would ever want to conquer Russia, so what are these weapons for and why is it that they make all this future rust and waste, but not even one decent automobile, computer, or camera?

    • banana says:

      Marc it is very easy to import a car, computer or a camera. It is also very easy to re-design and copy a car, computer or a camera…but why compete with the Chinese who are ripping everything off? It is not easy to import state of the art weaponry.

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