38 The Life That Has Gone Forever

The Life That Has Gone Forever

Do you want to know what it felt like to live in the USSR? Look through the pictures below then (The XXVII Communist Party Congress). Some of them you must have seen on ER, here they are collected only for nostalgic feelings!

At school.

In the forest.

The Communistic Labor Will Win In The End!

At home.

The XXV Congress will be marked by new success in labor!

PAMIR cigarettes.


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38 Responses to “The Life That Has Gone Forever”

  1. ayaa says:

    Yesli tolʹko nastoyashchyee neftyanoe bogat·stvo Rossii uspeshno bylo partnerom s ekonomicheskoĭ i sotsialʹnoĭ stabilʹnostʹyu , prinesennoĭ kommunizmom. Slishkom plohoĭ Yelʹtsin dolzhen byl priĭti s yego shokovoĭ terapiyeĭ.

  2. Unknown says:

    Nice pix.

  3. kalamona says:

    kvac… oh my god, how i hated that :)

  4. Verto says:

    Socialist paradise ! ! ! !everyone was enjoying pleasure of good life.no credit cards no bank loan and no evil of “capitalism”! !!!!

  5. Bakunin says:

    Not gone, changed to neo-liberalism & market diktatorship. Now you can buy everything and do what you want, if you have the money that is. Prosperity and decadence for the few and poverty for the many, Russia is “westernised”.

  6. bijdehans says:

    Apart from the economic hardships they were more romantic times, not so much different from my youth in the Netherlands during the late 60’s, early 70’s…

  7. popalumi says:

    Cvasul este o bautura populara ruseasca foarte buna.
    In otografii, vad oameni increzatori,zimbitori.
    Vad o tara mare socialista.
    L-am vazut pe Marele Lenin. D-l presedinte Ion Iliescu ne-a spus ca,Lenin nu trebuia sa fragmenteze Internationala.

  8. Vittu says:

    Not all of it was so bad, was it.
    In any case, current times are even worse.

  9. Otis R. Needleman says:

    Interesting pictures…pictures of a different world. I’m mighty glad I grew up in the USA. The blonde in the bikini is pretty hot-looking.

    • Brick says:

      Man, I wouldn’t trade my childhood in USSR for nothing. On the other hand, I’d rather be a teenager in the USA. Oh, well, it still was fun as it was.

  10. marxistworker says:

    Comrade Marx: Your ideas will never die as long as rational, scientific people are alive somewhere. As many mistakes as Comrade Lenin made, at least some of your ideas were tried (universal education, gender equality, wage leveling, land redistribution, worker’s rights, scientific advancement). Better to have a society approaching classlessness than one approaching gross inequity (many rich, small middle, many poor).

    • too much vodka says:

      universal education, gender equality, wage leveling, worker’s rights, scientific advancement: this is what we have in Western Europe as well, onlyh we achieved it without terror, without dioctatorship and without creating a class of overprivileged appartsjiks.

      • Tovarich Volk says:

        And now Europe is broke, just like the Soviet Union. Of course the USA isn’t exactly better either these days, with the people still responsible still doing their thing. –welcome to the world.

      • Gen. Electric says:

        Careful. Loonie Tea Party Americans will kill you (and accuse you of Stalinism).

      • Anatole says:

        Any social programs Europe has, it achieved through workers’ struggle from below. What the USSR initially achieved, it also did so by overthrowing its masters. There has been plenty of terror directed at all workers; the task is to fight capitalism in all countries, not defend its liberal or conservative variants.

  11. audreyLh says:

    thanks for sharing. What an interesting time

  12. Andrey says:

    Excellent there was time. I was proud that I live in USSR, was proud of the country…. In a photo with bread not a correct translation – “Don’t touch!”. All inscription wasn’t located in a photo – “HANDS NOT to TOUCH” because people tried to check up fresh bread, hand pressing, and it isn’t hygienic :)

  13. Russia has already gone through and grown out of this phase in their country’s history now it will be Europe and America’s turn to experience the workers paradise ,especially America with it’s current government traveling full speed ahead toward disaster.

    • Derp says:

      I think you don’t have a single idea of what is a social liberal country such as France or Sweden. (It’s nearly the perfect system IMO).

      • John says:

        “I think you don’t have a single idea of what is a social liberal country such as France or Sweden. (It’s nearly the perfect system IMO).”

        Obviously you haven’t been to the suburbs of Paris or some of the Swedish villages where foreigners are murdered. It’s not a perfect system if you’re not the majority ethnic group.

  14. Dominique says:

    Ending soviet union was a very big mistake from economic, social and cultural point of view. Look at the world today in these countries. The wall should have never been removed.

    • CZenda says:

      Obviously, you do not know what you are talking about. USSR included occupied countries which are today standard EU democracies (Baltic States). I will not bother writing about the Wall – the German above summarized the feelings of the former Ostblock sufficiently.

    • Kalimba says:

      Cold War was a disaster for many innocent countries torn apart by both sides. For many, it was a blesssing that the USSR collapsed, and a short relief now that the US will be paralyzed in debts for many years. It’s a truly new era.

  15. John says:

    The photographer obviously missed the bread lines and gulags.

  16. someguynoname says:

    my homeland was ЭССР! =)
    good memories

  17. Mr. Fox says:

    Thanks for sharing these photos.

    Anyway, I heard that soviet people were pool and suffering. but now, I confirm that was lie.

  18. Win says:

    A whole lot of lines…

  19. Dead Mexican says:

    We flock to the US to eat, something really hard to do with our US backed, undemocratic puppet government.

  20. USSR says:

    Yes…those damned long lines for food and consumer products.. those which broke the camel’s back. The entire country fell apart becouse of that. :(

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