33 How To Look Soviet?

How To Look Soviet?

Posted on September 6, 2011 by team

Some Russian men are always full of creative ideas. One of them decided to make an unusual photo session titled “Knitting 1987. The catalogue of men’s knitted clothes”. Very funny and original! More pictures are inside the post.

Knitting 1987. An album of models.

Men’s pullover.


Sportive jumper.

Men’s pullover.


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33 Responses to “How To Look Soviet?”

  1. Ras_Man says:

    Is it Howard Moon?

  2. Uncledoh says:

    lmao at dudes posing.

  3. Ham are sick, Al says:

    This is an Aran sweater. They originate from Ireland and Scotland.


  4. Archy Bunker says:

    A. Bunka here. He’s a fancy boy.

  5. Akasha says:

    it doesn’t need the cool sweaters, this kind of mustache is enough to look soviet *chrchrchrchr*

  6. ZiwZih says:

    It’s a russian Borat from Reutov-TV show.

  7. JoE says:

    A Bear and Team Boys Fours Club… Oh yeah.

  8. bijdehans says:

    Quite convincing… except for the shoes. I found that shoes have always been out-of-place artifacts in Russia, they never seemed to match the clothing style of the time. These floppy-pointy shoes are the face of modern Russia, for instance check out images of policemen, they all seem to wear them nowadays…

  9. Kent_Diego says:

    Team Boys? I could tell by just looking at him.

  10. Bigsexy says:

    i think all 80s gear is bad..

  11. david says:

    English scripts during soviet times?

  12. DouglasU says:

    Good God Almighty…..my eyes hurt.

  13. Boritz says:

    He looks like a wild and crazy guy!

  14. Cheburator says:

    Soviet origins of the hipster look.

  15. Asmodeus says:

    I know. My former brother in law also looked Soviet…

  16. L.S.Zlatopolsky says:

    Looks like a Mitt Romney staffer.

  17. opticalsound says:

    Republican at the country club.

  18. Corvin says:

    Looking at these pictures I am sure: Russia is not a country, Russia is a state of mind

  19. ABB says:

    The teddy bear sweater is precious!

  20. moo says:

    This guy is awesome :P If his knitted sweaters wont get you is manly mustaches will.

  21. zx says:

    He is funny person who takes parts in MTV comedy series. Who understands russian, Check on YouTube: Pismoshnaya

  22. Joe Ragu says:

    It’s true, the “model” is a comedian.

  23. Gobez says:

    This guy is a comic from “2×2″ TV channel.
    Here is his show named “Reutov-TV”:

  24. Nidia says:

    lol at the poses, but seriously he looks damn sexy~

  25. Bertus says:

    SABOTAGE !!!! (beastie boys)

  26. Gunther says:

    Oooh you touched my tralala ooh my ding ding dong!

  27. ZuZu says:

    Pose Awkwardly and Carry fake Tennis Rackets ? . This exercise is done with or without Copious amounts of Vodka I wonder : )

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