6 Assorted Russia, Part 27

Assorted Russia, Part 27

Posted on September 6, 2011 by team

Can you see a cat in this picture?

Cats prefer interesting and unexpected places to rest and hide.

Only big romantics could conceive to remind people about their favorite fairy tales, cartoons, their characters and the most sincere children’s dreams. Artistic paintings of walls of the company “Night Express”, engaged with trucking, seemed a dream or anything, but not a reality for a long time. Optical illusions are ready to surprise passers-by, and people smile more often.

Cargo receipt.

Romashkovo (a village).

A man without a certain residence usually looks untidy, dirty. His skin color is brownish, in general, this is an unpleasant picture. People are trying to get round the homeless, ignore them, as they do not exist in the society. But there is a homeless that breaks stereotypes. A homeless, who provokes a feeling of respect.

Her name is Asya. She has a healthy pink face color and she is dressed in clean clothes.

The place, which is home for Asya, shines with cleanliness. Sometimes, not every apartment can boast of such order and neatness. Respect to Asya! She showed that in any situation, whatever it is, a man can and should be a man!

A funny story occurred in one new Moscow office. New office tenants came to enable phones  to room № 2-056, where technicians are sitting. And what was waiting for them behind the door.

It was hailing in the Lviv region and hailstones had the size of a hen’s egg. Huge pieces of ice broke windows in buildings and damaged roofs of 372 houses. Hailstones had a diameter of 3-5 cm.

A guy lay on rails and waited until a train passed above him.


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  1. null says:

    The facade with the spaceship – http://media.englishrussia.com/newimages//assortedrussian4444.jpg – where is that from? I recognize it but can’t place it!

  2. zld says:

    to last photo – crazy russians…

  3. testicules says:

    Love the mural and the purple shorts

  4. marxistworker says:

    A comrade worker is using calipers to measure the hailstone. Good job!

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