12 Wild Beauty Of The Almaty Region

Wild Beauty Of The Almaty Region

The area around Almaty city is unique and gives an opportunity to visit snowy tops of the mountains, wonder through coniferous forests and find yourself among dunes and sands of endless prairies, weird curves of most ancient canyons and woods right at the same day.

Plateau Assy is located 2800 meters above the sea level. The climate is very severe in winter but due to abundant summer rains the space turns into an ideal place for cattle grazing. Tents of sheep herders are well combined with meadows and mountain ridges.


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12 Responses to “Wild Beauty Of The Almaty Region”

  1. oernii says:

    at last. perfect pictures have returned to ER.

  2. Otis R. Needleman says:

    VERY nice pictures. Thanks much!

  3. sashka says:

    I love Almaty, especially Medeo

  4. mukmika says:

    These pictures are so good, and the views are almost breathtaking.

  5. Chris says:

    Holy cow, mindblowing!!!!!!!

  6. popalumi says:

    Acest Almaty. e de vis Ce bine ar fi sa pot sa fiu in mijlocul acestor peisaje.Ma uimesc contrastele mari din regiunea Almaty

  7. Verto says:

    Nature is Nature ! ! ! ! !stay out your “civilisation” ! ! ! !

  8. Andrew says:

    Stunningly beautiful pictures. Is there any way I can get high-res copies of the pictures on your site to use as wallpapers?

  9. BlowME says:

    Extremely beautiful landscapes! I wish someday to see it with my own eyes.

  10. Kalimba says:

    My god, what an amazing set of pics.

  11. Yemanja says:

    Boże … jak tam pięknie.

  12. Brick says:

    Not sure if HDR or just good shots. But there should have been a photoset of weird and wacky places in Almaty as well :)

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