7 The Exhibition Of Unmanned Aircraft Models

The Exhibition Of Unmanned Aircraft Models

A great deal of unmanned aircraft models were presented at the MAX-2011 exhibition. Some of them are shown below.

The Zala Aero stand.  A special complex of remote monitoring on the base of an air drone ZALA 421-16.

ZALA 421-08.

ZALA 421-16E is the most novel development.

ZALA 421-23.

Griffe-1 decorates the stand of the Belarus aircraft repair plant number 558.

A robotic center air drone called Berkut (Golden Eagle in English) was made in Belarus.

“Indela- I.N.SKY” is a robotized low-sized unmanned aircraft. The complex of remote control with unmanned aircrafts INDELA-I.N.SKY is a complex ensuring online acquisition of information from the hydrostabilized optical and electronic system at the distance of 60 km within visual range from the ground command facility during 5 hours. Additional equipment can be mounted inside the unmanned aircraft expanding the sphere of the complex application. The ground control station which includes necessary components for flight program control and operative equipment diagnostics is used as the above-ground equipment.

The unmanned aircraft Krechet 3M (gyrfalcon).

It is designed as a carrier of developed aviation systems for the purpose of panoramic shot creation and accomplishment of different other tasks.

Another line of unmanned aircrafts are represented by ZAO Enix company. This is a remote viewing complex Eleron-10CB.

The computer.


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7 Responses to “The Exhibition Of Unmanned Aircraft Models”

  1. ayaa says:

    Displaying these UACVs and UARVs is one thing, deploying hundreds or even thousands of these is another thing entirely. The corrupt, old Soviet-era, generals that are still at the topmost level would be more likely to pocket the money assigned than to really use them.

  2. George Johnson says:

    Oh how I would love to be in on the development of these things. This is right up my alley. (not the flying but the electronics).

  3. Fallingwater says:


    I had no idea pulsejets were still used in practical ways. You’d think a model turbine or piston engine would be far more efficient…

  4. Vittu says:

    Vittu että vituttaa toi iankaikkinen kyttäys- ja sotapaska.

  5. Mark Alexander says:

    all very backward at the moment.

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