6 The Grand Model Of Russia

The Grand Model Of Russia

The Grand Model of Russia represented in Saint-Petersburg contains residential areas, zoological parks with a fair-ground attraction, airfields and seaports, tunnels and oil derrick in miniature. Tiny cars run along the streets of small cities, houses next to lakes and seas are ready to accept their guests, and fishing boats are unloading fresh fare at docks. Parts of the model can be easily activated. Just press the button and the light in the houses will be on and figures of people and animals will start moving.

Location: Saint-Petersburg

via photo-discovery

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6 Responses to “The Grand Model Of Russia”

  1. ayaa says:

    How does a model just a few dozen square meters represent Russia?!! They should be a bit more specific, because a model of even Moscow city alone at this scale would be bigger than this whole model.

  2. OLUT says:

    That’s quite impressive, the work gone into each piece. Great pix.

    what would be cool is if someone would invent a model-sized camera so the lens would be to the same scale as what you’re shooting. You’d get perspective equal to real camera and real world, instead of the way a big camera kinds lords over a small model, giving it away.

    (I don’t mean these photos are bad — they are great, I just would like to have a scale-model camera!)

  3. George Johnson says:

    That looks like your bag standard model railroad set up, with a few things that were taken from russia/russian life.

    But where’s the model of the girls playing in the fountain?

  4. Joe Wilson says:

    Just watched an RT segment on your facility. Absolutely amazing. Job Well Done!


  5. Joe Wilson says:

    This is truly wonderful. I might just have to make a trip from my home here in Ohio, USA. to visit such an astonishing, fun labor of love to ones own country. You should be very proud of what you have created.


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