13 What is So Terrible in the Main Hospital of Sevastopol?

What is So Terrible in the Main Hospital of Sevastopol?

Posted on September 3, 2011 by team

Except for several restored buildings, the other ones are in a very, very poor condition. At least outwardly. “Ultrasound investigation”.

The rear side of the same building.

The door is visually closed, but nonetheless, the pit in front of the entrance is depressing.

The paint on the side of an ambulance seems to be as old as the hospital itself.

This building is younger than the others but apparently not much.

The rudiment of abandonment and destruction.

The monument to Pirogov, in honor of whom the hospital was named. One can see two restored buildings in the background.

The gynecology department.

The building is not much better than the others.

The rear wall of the building. “Oxygen, oil-hazardous”.


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13 Responses to “What is So Terrible in the Main Hospital of Sevastopol?”

  1. Most of the people that work at this hospital will do the best they can despite the circumstances.It would be nice if these workers and the people they serve could get a new facility.

  2. perristalsis says:

    Quality of health care rendered isn’t necessarily reflected by the where, more by the who.

  3. paul says:

    i only wish that all maternity wards in the slavic cesspool countries could be as pathetic as this hospital is, then maybe we’d all be rid of the dogs.

  4. Ivan Ivonovich says:

    Not everything new is better. look at the US. less than 100 years as a super power and they are ready to fold under the weight of their own ego.

  5. Otis R. Needleman says:

    I’m sure the people who work there do their best, but there is simply no excuse for a hospital in such a state.

    • Monkeycheezz says:

      I lived in place’s like this town, where hospital look like a meat factory. But trust me, the doctors who worked there are more experianced in there worke iv ever seen.

  6. alessio says:

    Unfortunately Ukraine is full of those crumbeled buldings.

    Poor Ukraine,the CCCP mistreated Orphan.

  7. j pigden says:

    The obvious solution is to build a new hospital, move into it, then tear down the old one. This takes about 2 years. The other choice is a long building process where each department is moved into a new section and the one they just vacated is rebuilt. This is a never ending project.

  8. CZenda says:

    Do the “Ritual services” really mean “Funeral services”? Maybe it is a chapel?

  9. John Thomas says:

    Oh the wonderful Government Health Care System! You won’t live through it, but at least it’s “Free”, right?

  10. molodets says:

    I’m american and live in sevastopol full time, about a 7 minute walk to this hospital. (retired). I didn’t even recognize the first photo of the hospital. Although the buildings are decayed, this does not affect the quality of the personnel or the quality of care. Quality is affected by ATTITUDE of the health care providers. Sometimes you are lucky and get someone who is interested in helping you. At other times, the attitude is simply “go away because I really want to take another drag of vodka.” Ukraine has many megarich people. It is such a pity that none, not even one of them, will make a philanthropic donation to improve hospital facilities. Well, that simply is the russian mentality.

  11. sinan says:

    Put aside everything else, only the damage to the health system done by the collapse of the USSR is enough, in my view, to send Gorbachev straight in front of a firing squad.

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