13 What Does It Mean To Be An Afghan Policeman?

What Does It Mean To Be An Afghan Policeman?

The Afghan police is considered by many as corrupt and non-professional. But people are not inclined to take into consideration the fact that the people are facing numerous hardships of the endless war, subjecting their lives and lives of their family members to risk and try to support some kind of order in their country. And what do you you think of the job?


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13 Responses to “What Does It Mean To Be An Afghan Policeman?”

  1. ayaa says:

    Why is this even on EnglishRussia? What does Afghanistan have to do with Russia?!!

    • nomo says:

      Don’t know but the 3 Afghani people i have met in the US spoke Russian and had a positive view of them. Don’t ask me why or how i don’t know?

    • Brittain says:

      Afghanistan was occupied by the russians and has been impacted by the russian influence. it has to do with region not only the federation.

      • ayaa says:

        Hardly. Check some figures. 40-50 percent of all Soviet forces in Afghanistan, came from the five Central Asian republics, not Russia. Only the Spetsnaz contingent had a majority of Russians.

  2. MrSatyre says:

    Picture No.9 shows horrible training. You never EVER point your weapon in the same direction as your teammate. At that range, the round is sure to go through the detainee and into her fellow officer.

  3. Tough job it would be similar to being a police officer in Mexico.

  4. Otis R. Needleman says:

    I’ll be glad when we are out of there.

  5. popalumi says:

    Politisti afgani.Le-ar fi foarte greu sa nu fie corupti inconjurati de saracie si de traficantii de heroina.
    Am vazut in fotografie cum distrug culturile de opiu. Cred ca imediat rasare la loc. Trebuie umblat la cauza,Dar cine sa umble?
    Citeodata ma gindesc ca toti afganii au numai heroina in cap.Inainte de 1989 mai aveau o sansa acum,parca nu mai vad luminita de la capatul tunelului. NATO si americanoizii stiu ce au de facut!

  6. Dimitri says:

    What do these Fourth World camel jockeys have anything to do with Russia????????????

  7. hrsh says:

    Please, call the site “EnglishRussiaAndAfgan.com”. Too much of Afganistan recently. No relation to Russia at all.

  8. El Chapo says:

    What does it mean to be an Afghan cop?

    It means to look the other way from Opium Crops and massive Heroin Traffic, because those are guarded by the US Military!

    All in the name of “freedom” and “peace”.

    This is the real face of the US “War on Drugs” policy. An absolut joke.

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