15 Through Times And Epochs

Through Times And Epochs

The first festival of historic and military reconstruction “Times And Epochs” is taking place in the Kolomenskoye estate, a unique historic place in the most scenic corner of Moscow. The unique project is planned to unite the entire chronological retrospective from Vikings to Napoleon.

The festival is devoted to the Early Middle Age. Those who worship antiquity came to the festival from other parts of Russia, Belarus, Finland and other countries.

The festival grounds are located along the Moscow river and have sound names. Thus, at the Field of Battles one can take part in the tournament on historical fencing whereas the ground called Quay embraces various models of medieval ships.

Visitors can shoot, fling spears or listen to musicians playing the national instruments.


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15 Responses to “Through Times And Epochs”

  1. perristalsis says:

    Zombies are just reenactors of a different kind than these, everybody has their own idea of who they are and what they want to be, and it’s always someone else.

  2. Scott says:

    Weren’t the Vikings the first invading people to explore the interior of Russia and they named it Russia – meaning place of the “Read Haired” people. They sailed all the way from Scandanavia navigating the great rivers until they went as far east as they could about 900AD(?). I think they ended up settling amongst Slavic tribes in many areas. Russia has a really rich history ;-)

    • Cheburator says:

      “Fair-haired” rather than “red-haired”. That’s in essence the so called ‘normanic theory’ of ancient russian history.

  3. Amazing article I wasn’t aware Russia is so rich in culture and history.

  4. pedro says:

    @Chromatic_Bagel: adblock? doh.

  5. j pigden says:

    That’s part of the current troubles in Russia. It has a multicultural background and now each cultural group wants to be heard!

  6. Akasha says:

    Nice, but I think the biggest one still takes place in Wolin, Poland.

  7. Chris says:

    Google ‘hosts ad block’ if you’re on Windows. My ER loads wicked fast many pages at a time.

    I don’t see ANY ads.

  8. Chris says:

    Coooooool! I hope these people don’t moonlight as zombies on weekends.

  9. Rurik says:

    Not many people outside Russia are aware of the huge role Vikings had int the founding of Russian civilization. The ‘Rurik Dynasty’ and the Varangians (Vikings from North Sweden) were in fact the founders of the Russian monarchy that carried on through to the Romanovs. The first Russian capitals of Novgorod and then Kiev were the capitals of the so called “Kievan Rus'”, not to mention the foundation of what would become the modern Russian state. It was these Vikings who tried to conquer, then became protectors of the Byzantine emperors in ‘Tsargrad’ (Constantinople). It was also these Viking rulers who set up trade routes which led to the enriching of the Russian empire and its eventually being made the seat of the Eastern Orthodox Church after the fall of the Byzantine Empire.

  10. Gunaike Aner says:

    too ahistorical at all…and bad propaganda for nazionalistic tendencies in russia.

  11. Alper says:

    Fact: Swedish Viking nobles made Russia

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