6 Moscow From the Moscow Hotel

Moscow From the Moscow Hotel

Have a look at the pictures of the Kremlin and Manezhnaya Square taken from the roof of the Moscow Hotel. They will be included in a big album with Moscow views that is about to be published. 

The dawn.

It is 5 AM.

Empty Moscow streets.


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6 Responses to “Moscow From the Moscow Hotel”

  1. Why is it that the worlds displaced minorites seeking refuge and asylum never seem to want to settle in Russia? Russia should no longer be allowed to be free from becoming a haven for the world’s dispossessed,hungry and poor.Russia should do it’s part to help them.

    • historian says:

      What? All the poor from the whole GUS come to Moscow and other big cities to live here. But not only from GUS, also here are many Africans and Cubans and other south american republics from the soviet time. Also a lot of chinese and korean ppl here.
      Many people from poor nazi baltic states and Poland are working here.

      But I see USA help them, by starting wars and builidng a big fence in texas .. haha..

    • Sean says:

      I think it happens to some degree, only, mostly from the former soviet republics in Asia, mostly, because they are russophonic. But, of course, it always happens that former imperial provinces are occupying the former imperial metropole. The only exception is Oceania, which has an opened immigration policy for skilled migrants. I think it’s very fair to protect interests of the citizens to allow useful skills to flow into the economy. Russia should do that too.

  2. robert says:

    beautiful city

  3. robert says:

    how hard is it to visit russia from the usa

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