7 Fishing Season In Sakhalin

Fishing Season In Sakhalin

Posted on September 3, 2011 by team

In August, the Far East of Russia has the salmon fishing season. And no matter where you are in Chukotka or on Sakhalin – it would be the good and fun time. Big fish are coming! The fishing season submits to its laws everyone and everything, someone will get generous presents, but someone may lose all he had.

Today we’ll put to sea with two border patrol ships.

Nowadays there are no longer conscripts in crews. Everybody from sailors to officers are contractors. It means, they are professional sailors. Therefore all actions during exercises were done by sailors very smoothly and neatly, without usual kicks and officers’ swearing.

Border guards now are fully responsible for the protection of biological resources in the coastal zone. They not only protect the borders of Russia from spies and other enemies, but also control the fishing process. And that is a fact: frontier guards take this matter very seriously. They arrest for breaking of fishing rules Russians and foreigners. Guards also have a six-gun artillery mount that can solve any problem within several seconds.

Fish of salmon breeds have the amazing memory: once came into being from orange eggs in a little stream, their individuals return from the ocean, four years later at the same place to spawn and to give birth to new offsprings. And no matter what obstacles are on the way of a powerful fish, no matter what threats are accompanied its move into the abyss of oceans, it confidently goes its own way for days, years and centuries. Fish rush to the place where natural death waits for them. But often this genetic carousel stops. And it occurs exactly when a man interferes…the most clever and inventive predator on the planet.

The main instrument for salmon fishing, as in ancient times, is shutter seine nets. They are set on the coast near spawning rivers. The volume of fish, harvested during spawning is regulated by quotas, which is determined by ichthyologists every year.

For the fishing season, a fishing crew usually consists of 10-15 people. That’s enough to serve a couple of shutter seines. Earnings are strictly linked with the catch. On the average, a fisherman receives nearly 600 thousand rubles (21,400 dollars) per season. A foreman gets more – up to a million. Although it should be understood that such money may appear only in a good fishing season, when all goes well.

But it is not easy to get to such team. Their number is limited and wishers are practically all Sakhalin dwellers. It also should be noticed that salmon fishing is very hard physical work. After winter hands of fishermen, as they themselves joke, are stretched to knees.

The prohibition law at the spawning period is of a great necessity.

Whatever the long path, ocean fish has made, but if it was caught in the net, it inevitably turns out on a cutting table of fisheries.

At the fish factories generally not locals are employed. Whole locals work only as technologists or administrators. Other people do not need any special education, as the plant production cycle is very simple. Fish must be received, weighed, sent to preparation tables, and then put in jars with salt and spices. Then jars go to autoclaves and are shipped. With caviar things are more difficult. Firstly it is necessary to remove caviar from fish roes, then salt it for 5-7 minutes, and then pack into plastic containers.

People work here all day long. Dream and simple-minded entertainments fill small rest moments.

So the costal zone is not a health resort especially during the fishing season.

Hunchback salmon.

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  1. EnglishRussia posts wonderful articles.It is such a wonderful website that I think there must be a hidden agenda or “catch” because I cannot understand why it exists.

    • Scott says:

      I have to agree. Let’s face it, for folk like me from outside Russia, this is a fascinating way to discover so much about the places and people of the Russian-speaking world. The spectrum is wide and the images are mostly superb and it really does cover a totally huge geographic area ;-)

      I really don’t think there is a “hidded agenda” – maybe some ad-space / click fees etc. etc. but that’s everywhere isn’t it. I see it as more of an out-reach project – folk just want to spread some knowledge and learning I guess.

      Quote from the ABOUT pages: “English Russia is a daily entertaiment blog devoted to the events happening in Russian speaking countries, such as Russia (Russian Federation), Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Kazakhstan, etc. Everyday something interesting happens in the countries occupying 1/6 of the populated world. We are here to inform you about it.”

      • Mike Patton says:

        I agree, ER is a great site with variations in everyday life from ex USSR – a fascinating place. Articles like these are like mini NG reports!

    • Alkofunker says:

      There’s no hidden agenda other than mocking Russia, her people, and her history from time to time and calling it daily entertainment news.

      As you understand, there’s a line between mocking something and providing entertainment on that subject and ER crosses this line quite often.

  2. j pigden says:

    Did you notice how the gun turret looks like a Dalek from DR Who?

  3. Zonda says:

    21,400 dollars/season? Are lot of money there…!

  4. Chris says:

    ER is probably the next best way to learn about Russia other than living there all over the place for 10 years. Lots of positive and negative stuff, in other words REALITY. AMAZING SITE!!!!!!!

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