9 To the Roofs of Kazan

To the Roofs of Kazan

One of the best ways to reveal the beauty of Kazan is to observe the grand city from roofs of its houses. Enjoy!

Standing on the roof of the Kazan Hotel.

The bridge is called Millennium.

The Riviera Hotel.

The bridge and the Combat Palace.

The Kremlin.

A very beautiful Palace of Agriculturalists.


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9 Responses to “To the Roofs of Kazan”

  1. Sean says:

    I must say, even kitschy examples of new architecture such as the palace of agriculturists look exceptionally good, somewhat of the mixture of neoclassicism, colonial Victorian empire, art nouveau and muslim motives. Very cool looking city! I wish Russia didn’t have the visa policy for Americans. What are those pretty but half demolished buildings with a pretty old dome on the picture called “Heart of the city”?

  2. Ham are sick, Al says:

    If they are going to redevelop the city center, removing the demolished structures would help.

  3. Ham are sick, Al says:

    Bauman Street rocks!

  4. Testiculese says:

    of course it is higher than every church in town. How ironic

  5. shabnam shibumi says:

    haters gonna hate
    the mosque is awesome!

  6. chinbaa says:

    I think mosque is cool! It remembers you Tatarstan is muslim country!

    • ayaa says:

      Net. No pomnite, chto mecheti nahodyat·sya tam v Rossii, potomu chto my pozvolyaem Vam. Inache eto byl by ad na zemle dlya Vas, huzhe togo chem Frantsiya .

  7. Kalinovsky says:

    I reckon mosques in Russia look better than mosques anywhere else in the world.

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