12 The Hydro Power Station Of Krasnoyarsk: Past And Present

The Hydro Power Station Of Krasnoyarsk: Past And Present

Today we’ll make a journey into the past of one of the biggest hydro power stations in the world and see what it looks like today.

The Hydro Power Station Of Krasnoyarsk is the fisrt power station on the Yenisey river. It is located 40 km away from Krasnoyarsk city and was built in 1972. It is the 7th most powerful station in the world.

‘We’ll tame the Yenisey river!’ Its long-term average annual accounts for 18.4 billion kWh and covers half of the needs of the Krasnoyarsk region in the electric energy. Construction of the power station started in 1956.

First half of 1961.

The left-side working trench.

First cubic meter of concrete is mounted in the rollway of the future dam.


The Yenisey river is shut off.


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12 Responses to “The Hydro Power Station Of Krasnoyarsk: Past And Present”

  1. Corvin says:

    The statistics I miss many gulag inmates were working there.

    • Verto says:

      How “fascinating” was these days!!! ! !literally everywhere “proud workers” engaged in constructive activity! ! ! ! !.i wish i was “purged” by ctalin and i work very hard for peoples regime!! ! !

  2. Ivan says:

    GULAG already didn´t exist in the 1960s

    • Ostyak-Vogul says:

      Duh… GuLags still exists… where do you think Mikhail Khodorkovski and other people who opposed Putin are detained? In GuLags…

  3. Corvin says:

    Gulags formally existed until 1960 but the last prisoners left it in 1987, is a question only formal. The reality was different.

  4. pytor says:

    that’s waht i was thinking.How many people died building this plant.I think minimum 1000 people died.

  5. Testiculese says:

    Not as interesting or as close to Vegas as the Hoover Dam

  6. marxistworker says:

    Energy unlimited.

  7. Corvin says:

    Whatever we say about the “mistakes” of the Soviet Union, Russia is a beautiful country and I would love to visit him. Not Italy, not Spain or Croatia …. only to Russia pulls me.

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