38 T-50: the Future of the Russian Air Force

T-50: the Future of the Russian Air Force

Posted on September 2, 2011 by team

The prospective multirole fighter T-50 was created within the program “PAK FA” (literally “Prospective Airborne Complex of Frontline Aviation”). The development of the aircraft began in the end of the 90’s. The production of its prototypes started in 2006. The first flight took place in January, 2010. The T-50 is planned to be added to the armory of the Russian Air Force in 2013-2015.

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38 Responses to “T-50: the Future of the Russian Air Force”

  1. Vladimir Fukov says:

    Meanwhile, America’s F-22 is grounded because it intoxicates its pilots. Go Russia!

    • Verto says:

      And even huge cost of F 22 is much more question mark on raptor ! ! ! ! !

      • Moe Hailstone says:

        And if there was a problem with the T-50, or any other Russian jet, do you believe they would actually release that information?
        The USA has advanced drones that will make any fighter aircraft obsolete. Soon, the jet pilot will go the way of the ancient knights.

    • Peter says:

      I dont think F22 is so weak at all…

  2. Verto says:

    Advanced materials,superior avionics and 3d engine thrust vectoring make T50 super advanced multi role flying machine.

    • Testiculese says:

      Still playing catch up. Once it is fielded enmasse it will be a generation behind the new US airsuperiority drones.

      • ayaa says:

        In your dreams. The US is an economic dilemna. How are you going to fund the research for your “superdrones”, let alone field a sizable force?!! You can’t! Wake up!

        • ayaa says:

          Oh yeah. Ever heard the story of Americans spending hoards on developing a pen that works in space, while the Russians used pencils!!

          And how exactly are you defining generations and technological advancement?!! A sizable portion of those that develop are Koreans, Chinese, Indians and whatnot, not to mention Muslims. If you expect them to just handover their designs to you, think again.

          • projectiledysfunction says:

            That’s actually a pervasive but entirely incorrect urban legend. Both US and Russian spaceflights used pencils at the beginning of their space programs but it was found to be dangerous. Not only is the wood used in pencils undesirable since they’re flammable but pencil lead (actually graphite) is an excellent conductor that breaks easily. In zero gravity nobody wants bits of wood and graphite floating around, getting into delicate avionics or shorting out switches. Based on their experiences with the hazards posed by graphite pencils both space programs switched to using grease pencils on plastic slates and then later the Fisher Space Pen (the USSR purchased 100 for use by cosmonauts in 1969 and then used a Russian-made version afterward.)

            On top of that the US government spent no money developing the pen, all R&D was done by the privately-funded Fisher Pen company.

        • Moe Hailstone says:

          Right, the defense budget is only 750 billion, where will they find the money???

          • Shocked Monkey says:

            Right Moe, you still think the Chinese will keep lending you money. You simply don’t have that $750 billion! When you wake up will be too late.

      • chris says:

        Actually, @testes has a good point.

        • Shocked Monkey says:

          But he doesn’t have a clue about the money needed to avoid government bankruptcy for years, regardless of nonexistent funds for any (frozen) air generation extravaganzas. But you can dream. That’s free.

  3. Asmodeus says:

    Amazing, beautiful plane.

  4. Sean says:

    Finally, some good piece of equipment! Very good-looking machine! I guess, it flies even better than it looks! Will Russia build it in mass soon?

  5. Uncledoh says:

    that T50 is not fully ready yet. It flew equipped with standard engines from Su-27, (because its 5th gen engines from Saturn manufacturer are not ready yet), also it was limited to 5g’s during presentation flights (for safety reasons).

  6. Ham are sick, Al says:

    I believe India has ordered some of those planes…

  7. boon says:

    Im Offended that ER cant find more photos of the T-50 painted for crying out loud MAKS just ended there are thousands of photo’s of them and all painted.

  8. Dickey Splurge says:

    Very beautiful plane, but I wonder why it looks exactly like America’s plane. The Russian space shuttle also looked almost identical to America’s shuttle. Could this be simple theoretical aerodynamic coincidence?

    • Gen. Electric says:

      The F-22 is different looking and cool of its own. The projected chinese Chengdu-J20 looks mora like the F-35.

      • Dickey Splurge says:

        The Chinese make me nervous. They can field an army of 100 million soldiers easily. As they expand their military technology they may be unstoppable in a world war.

  9. pedro says:

    never saw the cockpit image! thkx!!

  10. BlowME says:

    I think it has that distinct look typical to Sukhoi twin-tailed fighters, so it is not a copy of F-22 as many say…

  11. Pinback says:

    Looks like Firefox, where’s Clint Eastwood when you need him

  12. Dan says:

    Uncanny resemblence to the Raptor. Just amazing. How can y’all sleep at nite ?

  13. Yojimbo says:

    I predict that it will be a huge money pit just like the F-22 and F-35 it is in the same bag.While Europe France and the Sweds have the Typhoon the Rafale and the Gripen all aircraft that have far more advanced systems than the main fighters of both Russia and the USA we are behind and wasting money on stealth which of course sooner or later people are going to make radar that will see it actually it still shows up it is just that current software used in world radar systems is unable to realize that it is a plane but that will change and soon and that will cost far less than the billions spent on stealth technology.

  14. j pigden says:

    Unfortunately, it lacks stealth qualities, shaped like the F15, old style engines, no thrust vectoring, few external hard points; in short, more a pipe dream than a prototype.

    • ayaa says:

      What a smart observation! Ever occurred to you that all planes have a generally similar appearnce, just like tanks?!! And the PAK FA does have 3D vectoring, and the whole point of not having external points is to be stealthy.

      People like you are brainwashed by your media with ridiculous programs like Weaponology. I ROTFLOL when I saw the Spetsnaz episode.

    • Hans says:

      You’re talking about the Su-35. The Su-T50 has everything you said and more.

  15. tom says:

    cheap f-22 knockoff

  16. Jason says:

    Very interesting comments,as I thought they would be….

  17. dragan says:

    Ofcorse F-22 can fly…
    But in the Hollywood movies like Godzilla, 2012

  18. pradeep says:

    ‘T50 MKI’.. INDIA-RUSSIA for ever.

    ‘Although i would like to see some indigenous air crafts of this level in my lifetime’

  19. Tulo says:

    Why don’t the russian spend money with peaceful things? Great tanks, miserable cars. Great air fighters, poor civil planes. Why?

    • Jango says:

      Because Russian cars are made for a specific segment that cannot afford good cars. There is no need to invest millions and increase costs to improve the quality when they have one of the biggest target market and make an insane amount. As for planes, well poor regulations and companies cutting costs by slacking on maintainance. Has nothing to do with the Russian government or country as a whole, but with the company business models that make them (in case of cars) and maintaining them(in case of airplanes).

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