21 The Russian Movie About The Battle Of Stalingrad

The Russian Movie About The Battle Of Stalingrad

The summer is over and people need to forget about their vacations and get back to work. Thus, in the movie world the work is humming already. A Russian bank invested 20 million US dollars into kinematographing the movie ‘Stalingrad’. Pictures taken at the film set are presented below.

Movies about war are often severely criticized by others as the theme is very sensitive. Will the new movie be welcomed by its spectators or just raise another wave of disappointment?

Decorations for the first production days were set in the town of Kronstadt  located on Kotlin island in the Finnish Gulf, 30 km from St.Petersburg.

The scene with explosions. A bomb is hitting a horse carriage.

The crew is using a package of seven RED EPIC cinema digital cameras.

It took 2 years and a half to get ready for shooting the movie, collecting necessary material, meeting eyewitnesses of the event and carefully choosing the crowd.

Maritime fleet.


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21 Responses to “The Russian Movie About The Battle Of Stalingrad”

  1. cro says:

    Nice, i like war movies, esspecialy if they are not english spoken. Hope it gonna be a good one. Until then, there is new Red Orchestra – Heroes of Stalingrad PC game – a must for all WW2 FPS fans…

  2. Verto says:

    History remember all of the defenders of Leningrad.

  3. EngrishBob says:

    I remember the German film “Stalingrad” from the early 90’s. I liked it, not bad at all for a war film.

    • CZenda says:

      I know which one you mean. It was partially shot in Czech Republic and my friend actually acted in the movie. He was one in the crowd of Soviet POWs and he had to cut his hair extremely short because of that “role” :D

  4. EngrishBob says:

    Hmm, war isn’t entertaining, films are. Your point is invalid.

    • perristalsis says:

      Yo Bob, films are also educational, experimental, evocative, emotional, cathartic, etc. Your mono- dimensional observation is invalid.

  5. George Johnson says:

    I’d watch it. I like a good war movie.

    But the reason people complain about war movies is because everybody remembers them differently.

    That and the fact you can’t fit the whole horrifying experience into an hour or a couple of ‘em.

    So you have everybody complaining “that’s not the way it was!”

    That’s why movies about VietNam are so hard. You just can’t tell everybody’s story. And everybody has a different experience. The guys in the Hanoi Hilton had a different story from the guys at Whey, and is different from those at Keh San, which is different from those in the delta which is different from the reporters in Saigon.

    Show them all the same movie, and none of them will say you got it right.

    Yet, after all the participants die off of old age, then you can tell it and there’s nobody to really complain. It’s like the war between the states. You don’t have that “everybody has a different view” thing going on.

    • testicules says:

      Well said George

    • perristalsis says:

      “That’s why movies about VietNam are so hard. You just can’t tell everybody’s story.”… Absolutely right George, when “Platoon” first released, grunts who identified totally with it left the theaters in tears at the end because they felt somebody finally told the real, and true story.

  6. No Mame says:

    I still have to see the German 1993 movie. I’ve seen some clips and looks very well made.

  7. Adolf says:

    … where’s Fegelein?? Fegelein! Fegelein! Fegeleeiin!!

  8. Tovarich Volk says:

    In my opinion it’s hard for anybody to top Idi I Smotri, which in my opinion is probably the best war film ever made. Then again, I’d still want to see this when it’s finished.

  9. jock says:

    hope its as good as the one about the german soldiers

  10. TrainFromUkraine says:

    Don’t waste your time with “Enemy at the gates”. The premise of that movie had very little to do with actual events. German movie “Stalingrad” is an excellent representation of the German soldiers point of view and lines up well with all first-hand accounts I’ve read. For anyone interested in German POV of the war I recommend visiting http://militera.lib.ru and reading some of the German’s memoirs.

  11. Dick Plat says:

    Unfortunately we ( in the west) propably won’t see this film in our cinemas. I regret that because the theme is fascinating. A real turning point in WO2

  12. Hicks says:

    Can’t wait to see it!

  13. Chac Mool says:

    For the moment, you can’t miss the German “Stalingrad” (1993) movie. You wouldn’t believe it was made 5 years before Private Ryan. And the Finland’s “Talvisota” (1989) is also highly recommendable. Soviet “Idi Smotri” (1985) is also very good, although it has some propaganda dosis… It compensates with amazing images; it’s easily the most haunting and disturbing war film I’ve seen.

  14. allan says:

    whats the name of the movie from those pictures???

  15. Andrew says:

    I saw the german movie called Stalingrad was very interesting and not a german/nazi propaganda how you see now in every movie about world war 2 with americans or russians.

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