12 Life-Saving Evacuation

Life-Saving Evacuation

Posted on September 1, 2011 by team

September 30, 1993 is a great day in the history of Abkhaz people. After many days of heavy fighting with Georgians, the Abkhaz armed forces managed to take control of the whole territory of the autonomy. About 250 thousand ethnic Georgians, in fear of a real threat from the winners, became refugees. They left their homes and started their way to Georgia. Some – on their own, on foot, through mountain passes. Others were taken there by sea…

Ukraine helped Georgians a lot at that difficult moment. It sent humanitarian aid just in time. 16 helicopters evacuated the remaining part of refugees for what many Georgians are still so grateful.


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12 Responses to “Life-Saving Evacuation”

  1. testicules says:

    So? In this series the Georgians are the victims being violently run out of their land in Abkhazia. Yet the idea of them reclaiming the land they lost is abhorent to Russia. So much so that they engineered an excuse to invade the land in question. And still the Gerogians are the bad guys????

    • Don says:

      May be if there were pics of abkhaz victims like evacuated plane with kids and old people which had been shot by georgians you would not write this comment. War was started by nazist Gamsohurdia “Georgia for georgians”,thats why Abkhazia declored independence and got an armed mob from jails which he sent there to rob and rape people.

      • OLUT says:

        “thats why Abkhazia declored independence and got an armed mob from jails which he sent there to rob and rape people.”

        I don’t care who does it, I don’t care if it’s the best leader ever. It is ALWAYS WRONG to send a mob to rape and rob people.

    • historian says:

      Bil Leningradskyi, stal Piterburskyi, umresh Gazspromvskij.

  2. Archy Bunka says:

    A. Bunka here. What a charade. Akbazia, has been part of Georgia since the 9th century BC. The Russian government helped the Akbazians break away during the civil war just to stick it to the rebellious Georgians. Many Georgian peasants, during the Stalin era, were moved into Akbazia, only to be run out by another Russian government 50 years later.
    Criminal, immoral, sinister and wrong.

  3. No Mame says:

    Civilians will never be bad guys. Only power mad Autocrats who start wars from nothing.

  4. tsvetcoff says:

    Well, in short words we come to the time where there is no rules… Scary

  5. Zonda says:

    Every time when I read posts about secessionist ex soviet regions, appear in my mind Stalin with his smile under the mustache … “my plan still works”…

    • historian says:

      His plan? As the CCCP was a centrilized country it was not so much important for thwe citizens wether it belong to georgia or abkhasia. They saw the difference till the 80ies.

  6. mukmika says:

    Regardless of the conflict, it’s sad to see good people suffering in this manner.

  7. ayaa says:

    You forgot to put your trademark “A.Bunka here”!!!


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