6 Art In The Village

Art In The Village

Not every village can boast of having a picture gallery. And it is worth to say that ordinary villagers are usually far from high art. But Voskresenskoe village, that was lost
somewhere in the south of Bashkortostan, is an exception. And the gallery is not the only attractive place of the village, there is also an old copper smelter.
21 The Production of Delicious Mulberry Vodka

The Production of Delicious Mulberry Vodka

Mulberry oghi (clear fruit vodka) is a strong alcoholic drink mainly produced in Azerbaijan and Armenia. It has the delicate and unique aroma of mulberries and herbs and a pleasant,
slightly oily taste. It is on a level with such premium drinks as tequila, rum, calvados and brandy. Let's visit one Armenian village and see the process of its production.
18 A 100-Year Old Power Plant

A 100-Year Old Power Plant

The Porozhskaya hydroelectric power plant is the oldest functional power plant in Russia. Last year it
celebrated a centenary of trouble-free operation and has unique destiny like many other things in our country.
19 Apocalypse In Lviv

Apocalypse In Lviv

  Do you have an idea of what is happening in
Lviv, Ukraine? Is the city facing Apocalypse?
7 Deeds Of The Belarus People During World War II

Deeds Of The Belarus People During World War II

Let's visit the Museum of the Great Patriotic War in Minsk, Belarus, where horror events and heroism of the Belarus people during WWII are
shown in photographs and dioramas.  The big sign above the building means 'The Feats of Mankind Will Live On for Centuries'.  
41 Georgian Italy Or When The Fog Is Clearing Away

Georgian Italy Or When The Fog Is Clearing Away

Do you know what Signagi is? Imagine a huge mountain in the center of a giant valley. A fortress located on top of the mountain faces one of the most beautiful valleys
in the world and main Caucasus ridge with a top all covered with snow. This mountainous town inside it with small and curved streets reminds of Jerusalem.
27 Getting Ready To Host The Air Show MAKS-2011

Getting Ready To Host The Air Show MAKS-2011

Preparation to the international aviation show MAKS is now at its final stage. New participants keep coming every day and
aerobatic teams are busy with training. Airbus A-380, the largest passenger airplane in the world, is going to arrive today.
18 Houses For Refugees

Houses For Refugees

You may think that these houses are intended for those who take loans or simply wealthy families who may buy
new apartments?  Well, you are wrong then, because this is where refugees from Abkhasia will live.
16 Human As A Part Of The Wolf Pack

Human As A Part Of The Wolf Pack

Would you like to know how wolves live by staying in their pack? Well, it's proven that they can accept people who learned to behave in a right
way. Meet a zoologist Jason Badridze who grew up several generations of wolf cubs and taught them to escape hunters and people in general.
28 Garbage In The Heads

Garbage In The Heads

This post is devoted to garbage problem in Kazakhstan. Garbage left in the street alongside with barbarian attitude to nature around us, our dwellings and
even our lives are closely related to simple rules of upbringing. It is sometimes enough to take a brush to change a life to the better.

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