29 Myths and Realities of Kosovo

Myths and Realities of Kosovo

Nature is beautiful in Kosovo, and picturesque green mountains surround you everywhere. The most interesting thing that can be seen in this region is just these
nature places, as well as old Serbian monasteries. On the way to the capital there are some small villages. Everything looks accurately enough.
48 August Putsch Of 1991: the USSR Collapse

August Putsch Of 1991: the USSR Collapse

The military takeover that took place on 19 of August 20 years ago was followed by a number of
events that led to the fall of the Soviet Union. Let's remember the events and that time.
14 Training Artillerymen In Mulino

Training Artillerymen In Mulino

Today we'll visit a military field camp, main command post and
control center of artillery units located in Mulino.
4 The Lights Of Moscow

The Lights Of Moscow

A museum called The Lights Of Moscow is located in the very center of the Russian capital. It
reveals the history of Moscow streets lighting and represents ancient and modern light sources.
3 A Quarry of Bashkortostan

A Quarry of Bashkortostan

The Sibay quarry has the second biggest depth in the world ( five hundred and four meters). Its diameter is two kilometers. A huge hole in the ground
beckons and attracts. The deposit opened for almost a hundred years ago, exhausted its resources, and minerals are now extracted only by mines.
8 Semi-Abandoned Concrete Producing Plant

Semi-Abandoned Concrete Producing Plant

The plant producing concrete units is semi-abandoned today. Only one part of it is engaged
in manufacture of different products including border stone and panel plates.
14 Grandiose Air Show MAKS-2011

Grandiose Air Show MAKS-2011

You have already seen the process of preparation for the great air show MAKS-2011 in the previous post. And now the
exhibition is finally open and we have a chance to see many photos of majestic aircraft from all over the world.
9 News From Russian Roads, Part 39

News From Russian Roads, Part 39

Muscovites have a special way to asphalt roads. Why being troubled?
Everything is so simple: just put asphalt and no matter what is around.
12 The Most Expensive And Unique Hotel In the World

The Most Expensive And Unique Hotel In the World

The Russian company "Orbital Technologies" is going to create a hotel in Earth's orbit at an altitude of 350 kilometers from the surface. The unusual hotel will be able to accommodate
seven guests. It will be opened by 2016 and will probably become the most expensive hotel in history. A five-day stay will cost you about 5 million rubles (about $ 180.000).
5 The Kiev Museum Dedicated to the Railway

The Kiev Museum Dedicated to the Railway

The Southwestern Railway is one of the major thoroughfares of Ukraine and it has the second highest volume of traffic among other railways. The road mainly serves northern and northwestern regions of the country, stretching through them for 4,500 km. The name "Southwestern" remained from pre-revolutionary times. The road construction was begun in
the 60s of the XIX century, when it became necessary to connect the port of Odessa and the Russian southwestern borders with central regions. 1870 is considered to be the date of birth of the Southwestern Railway. Now there are 315 railway stations, more than 90% of the traffic are made by use of the electric traction.

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