25 Mysterious Death of The Expedition of Dyatlov

Mysterious Death of The Expedition of Dyatlov

More than 50 years have passed since the moment of the death of Dyatlov's expedition, though the reasons are still not clear. The investigation raises more and more questions. At the end of January of 1959 the expedition
headed by a student, Igor Dyatlov, went on tour to the Northern Ural. The team consisted of seven boys and two girls. A month later, they were found by a search party not far away from their tent...
8 Wooden Masterpieces of Karelia

Wooden Masterpieces of Karelia

We invite you to the museum of woodcarver Kronid Gogolev
localed in Karelia. So let's admire his wooden masterpieces.
8 The Art Of Bone Carving

The Art Of Bone Carving

This unique masterpiece made by a craftsman from a small Lomonosov village in the
Arkhangelsk region is a bright example of Russian folk art called bone carving.
28 Gloomy Atmosphere of Abandoned Medical Facilities

Gloomy Atmosphere of Abandoned Medical Facilities

Here are pictures from 4 abandoned
Russian medical facilities.
35 Life of Ordinary Afghan People

Life of Ordinary Afghan People

Despite the fact that Mazar-i-Sharif is the fourth largest city of Afghanistan, it's quite boring for tourism. Its only attractions are a unique temple complex Rozii Sharif (the Blue Mosque) and a market where
the locals spend most of the time. Another Afghan city, Faizabad, also has nothing to look at except for its two markets. So let's visit them and see how ordinary people earn their living.
8 The 19th Abandoned Gun Battery

The 19th Abandoned Gun Battery

Almost a hundred years ago, a 4-gun battery was built by the decision of the Military Russian Council on the western shore of the Balaklava bay in order to protect Sevastopol. This was the most southern outpost of the defensive line that was able to get cruisers and battleships at the
distance of 20 kilometers. However, the battery did not actually perform its primary task to fight the enemy at sea. In autumn 1941, all four guns were turned toward the coast, and during 6 months continuously attacked parts of the Wehrmacht coming to Sevastopol .
10 Russian House MD

Russian House MD

It's well-known to everybody that the cinema is the art of deception, illusion and image. Changing the angle of a camera and lightening, one can change a man. These photographs depict not Hugh Laurie but Alexey, a native Muscovite
working as an ambulance driver. He has recently had an injury and left the hospital only a month ago. A surprising similarity in the fate of a fictional character and a real man (greatly resembling him) amazes.
29 Strange Sounds Heard In Kiev

Strange Sounds Heard In Kiev

Residents of Kiev could hear very strange intense sounds that even windows were
shaking in their houses. Rather apocalyptic thoughts may come to mind....
2 Fascinating Gorely Volcano and Its Craters

Fascinating Gorely Volcano and Its Craters

No matter how wonderful the city of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky is, it's still just a city. And if you want
to see the main attractions of Kamchatka you should leave the urban area and go into the wild.
38 Cruel Dog Games

Cruel Dog Games

A coming autumn will bring a season of dog fighting together with cold weather. What is your attitude to the show? Do you think it is a real must for dogs or
just another entertainment for sadists? Specialists believe dog fights are not only related to gambles but can also test combativity of an animal.

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