19 Join A Laser Tag!

Join A Laser Tag!

Are you tired of shooting while playing a computer game and want to fling yourself into the real world of emotions becoming a part of the game? Join a laser tag then. Unlike paintball, the game is painless as its
players score points by tagging targets with a hand-held infrared-emitting targeting device. Hit a player thrice and he or she will be considered killed and will have to go back to the base.
8 Interauto 2011 In Moscow

Interauto 2011 In Moscow

The 7th International exhibition Interauto 2011 took place last weekend at the Exhibition Center Crocus Expo in Moscow. You will
have an opportunity to have a look at the cars among which AvtoVAZ, Iran and some Chinese models were presented.
7 The Construction of the Dnepropetrovsk Metro

The Construction of the Dnepropetrovsk Metro

This post is all about the Dnepropetrovsk Metro, the
metro which has been built for so long...
18 Ants At Home!

Ants At Home!

Today you'll get a chance to see how ants live. The best way to know more about the insects is
to make them stay in an artificial ant hill that can be made without any efforts.
15 The Contest Among the Strongest Men in Cheboksary

The Contest Among the Strongest Men in Cheboksary

August 21, Cheboksary, the Power Extreme championship... Do you
want to see some real Russian men? Then you're welcome.
18 Favorite Country House of Joseph Stalin

Favorite Country House of Joseph Stalin

In 1993 this object was finally given to the Abkhaz authorities and now it's a popular tourist attraction. They say that Stalin had 5 country houses in Abkhazia (in Gagra and on Lake Riza in particular). Still, this one was the most favorite. He
came here 5-6 times a year. Accordingly, there were all conviniences: a direct communication line with the government, the staff of 800 people, secret passages leading to the sea and to railway stations and some other ruses...
7 Another Visit to Torzhok

Another Visit to Torzhok

Today we'll make another visit to the flight training center in Torzhok
where the flight personnel is getting prepared and retrained.
26 What Modern Tbilisi Looks Like

What Modern Tbilisi Looks Like

Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia, has seen a lot of changes in the last couple of years. Old buildings go through the stage of
reconstruction, the city is clean and nice. In case of a better service the place would resemble a European city.
16 How Afghan Bricks are Produced

How Afghan Bricks are Produced

In the desert near Bagram, there are dozens of small factories producing bricks. Brick in Afghanistan is made in exactly the same way as it was made hundreds of years ago.
First, the clay is shaped into bars and then fired in a huge furnace. These bricks become incredibly durable. Today we invite you to visit one of such factories.
3 Saving Lives In Sibay

Saving Lives In Sibay

Today we'll visit the base of rescue men who work at the Sibay
quarry and see what equipment they use while training.

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