26 Iphone Pictures Of Afghanistan

Iphone Pictures Of Afghanistan

A famous journalist Balazs Gardi took these pictures with an iPhone when
he was in Afghanistan. The pictures are really beautiful. Enjoy!
8 Sands of the Astrakhan Barkan

Sands of the Astrakhan Barkan

Would you like to participate in an expedition aimed at examination of the Astrakhan region? Visual choice
of an attractive spot carried out with the help of Google maps is followed by a car journey.
15 Dushanbe Flea Market: Hello From the Soviet Past

Dushanbe Flea Market: Hello From the Soviet Past

Welcome to the flea market in Dushanbe. It seems you get to the Soviet past once you come here and it looks strange that things you would certainly throw out are sold and even
maybe bought by somebody... However real pearls can be found among a huge variety of useless things. What would you buy? Mind that 1 TJS is equal to 0.212 USD.
18 Old Soviet Blast Furnaces

Old Soviet Blast Furnaces

What do you feel when looking at giant
constructions? We'll see some of them today.
11 The Biggest Champagne Glass In The World

The Biggest Champagne Glass In The World

Champagne Birthday was celebrated on August 6 in Balaklava. Spectators got a chance to participate in champagne tasting on the bay near the sea, view the beauty contest, exhibition of live figures, concert of a Ukrainian
rock group, and setting world record for the Guiness Book of Records. A specially made glass that was 1.5 meters long was filled with champagne taken from 75 bottles. The previous record was hit twice.
16 A Visit to A Russian Icebreaker

A Visit to A Russian Icebreaker

Today we'll visit an atomic vehicle named 50 Years Of Victory and participate in a short excursion
along its machinery department and other premises. All the pictures are represented below.
16 Training of the Emergency Response Team

Training of the Emergency Response Team

On 25 March 1995 members of Aum Senrike used GB gas in the result of which over three thousand people got affected. 12 of them could never survive the attack. To prevent such an act in the Russian capital a special emergency response team was formed. It includes around 200 people and has
more colonels and majors than any other detachment. The fact proves that the unit embraces the best specialists who sharpened their skills in Chernobyl, Afghanistan, Chechnya, etc. Let's see how the emergency response team dislocated in the Moscow region is trained.
10 Abandoned Staff Headquarters

Abandoned Staff Headquarters

It seems that this staff headquarters saw a crowd of military men just
some time ago. Now it is left abandoned and forgotten by people.
18 Two DIY Things

Two DIY Things

Can you boast of making things with your own hands? Below you will find several instructions
which will guide you through the construction process of a subwoofer and a telescope.
36 Are You Internet Dependant?

Are You Internet Dependant?

Have you ever wanted just to check your mail staying at the computer all night long instead?  That's how a disease of the new generation is born. Internet has become an essential part of our lives. We use one
click to send letters to somebody who is 1000 kilometers away from us, watch new movies, read literature which can not always be found in a library and talk to people whom we have never seen before. 

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