5 The Military Polygon In Mulino

The Military Polygon In Mulino

Would you like to see how soldiers are trained to use bombardment and rocket-launching artillery? Welcome to the Gorokhovetsky polygon in Mulino then.

The artillery polygon in Mulino is located at the border between the Vladimir and Nizhny Novgorod regions. The place is huge and is designed for training army men in general.

However, the entire August the vast space of the polygon was occupied by artillerymen who were busy with operational coordination. Over 2500 of artillerymen and 300 units of equipment participated in the military maneuvers.

During training soldiers live in a field camp represented by a long line of tents that embrace dining rooms, mobile club, automobile park and many other things.

Can you imagine that soldiers need to eat standing on their feet? Their tables are located high above the ground to prevent food to be mixed with sand.


Officers are not afraid of sand. That’s why they sit while eating and enjoy the beautiful view around them such as a small lake with a duck, stone garden and decorative fence.

Let’s turn to the polygon now. The whole area is divided into separate zones with different objects on it.

Prohibited to traffic.

The polygon is not new and is widely exploited. The land is simply covered with missiles that’s why it is advisable not to touch anything here.

The Gorokhovetsky artillery scientific and experimental polygon is the principal artillery polygon of the Russian armed services.

Hurricane launch complexes are on-site. The weapon is not new. Its first models were put into operation in 1975 and have been instantly modernized since then.


The complex can hit numerous objects. Because of the size of the warhead, the range of the rocket and the speed that a salvo can be delivered, the BM-27 is very effective at mine laying. Each 220 mm rocket can scatter 312 anti-personnel PFM-1 mines. Minefields can be laid behind a retreating enemy or even be used to trap an enemy by encircling them with mines. Tactics such as this were often used by the Soviets in Afghanistan.

The Hurricane launcher can destroy a command unit into pieces, explode a bridge, an airfield or a line of buildings.


The periscopic aiming circle determines main directions, measures horizontal lines between principal directions and objects, observes the facilities, etc.


Right before the salvo the machine occupies the position, the commander gets necessary information about the object, the point man adjusts the settings while the team hides inside the launcher waiting for the order.

A salvo is accompanied with a loud and typical sound, the flame that leaves the launcher illuminates the neighborhood. The team has to leave the place right after the shooting not to be killed by the enemy.


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The Msta-C a self-propelled 152 mm howitzer designed by Russia/Soviet Union, which entered service in 1989 as the successor to the SO-152. The vehicle is based on the T-80 tank hull, but is powered by the T-72’s diesel engine.


Location: Mulino

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