5 The Military Polygon In Mulino

The Military Polygon In Mulino

Would you like to see how soldiers are trained to use bombardment and rocket-launching artillery? Welcome to the Gorokhovetsky polygon in Mulino then.

The artillery polygon in Mulino is located at the border between the Vladimir and Nizhny Novgorod regions. The place is huge and is designed for training army men in general.

However, the entire August the vast space of the polygon was occupied by artillerymen who were busy with operational coordination. Over 2500 of artillerymen and 300 units of equipment participated in the military maneuvers.

During training soldiers live in a field camp represented by a long line of tents that embrace dining rooms, mobile club, automobile park and many other things.

Can you imagine that soldiers need to eat standing on their feet? Their tables are located high above the ground to prevent food to be mixed with sand.


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  1. sashka says:


  2. testicules says:

    More of the same unit?

  3. ayaa says:


    Did the guy that takes these photos fall in love with one of the girls on the catering staff or something!!

  4. Boritz says:

    Deja vu again. Reminiscent of the movie “Groundhog Day”.

  5. Addy says:

    Great photos, thanks!
    But why´s there a marking saying “USSR” on every photo? Why there should be such thing on the photos of Armed Forces of the Russian Federation??

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