7 Russian Mark Zuckerberg Owned By Reckless Roofers?

Russian Mark Zuckerberg Owned By Reckless Roofers?

Posted on August 30, 2011 by team

Vkontakte is the largest and the most popular social network in Russia. It’s very similar to Facebook. Millions of people visit it every day. Its founder’s name is Pavel Durov. Lately, a mysterious status has appeared on his page. It said: “tank pv roofers hi boat girl and co”. The status remained on his page for many hours. Later they explained it this way: “It was done by some children during the excursion to the office of Pavel”.

However it turned out that these were the names of the roofers who penetrated into the office of one of the richest man in Russia and who put the status on behalf of his name. They were reckless enough to open this information on the web. More details are inside the post.

One Saturday evening a group of roofers from St. Petersburg decided to climb the roof of the “House of Books”. By a lucky chance, one of the windows of the office “Vkontakte” located right under its yellow dome was opened.

When they were about to enter it, they noticed a PIR sensor behind the curtain, clapped their hands, quickly hid and started waiting for the reaction. Everything’s quiet.

Then they came in and saw another PIR sensor and a camera. The red light on the first device was implying – they had been noticed again. Still, there was nobody around. Such a don’t care attitude of the security inspired confidence in the guys and they continued their way upward.

The dome turned out to be darker and much more narrow as it seemed to be before.

The head of one of the roofers.

A narrow pipe leading to the very top.

A photo to remember.

Now it’s time for the most interesting part. The pictures of Pavel Durov’s office and computer.

The latter managed to turn on only at the second attempt because of some malfunction.


You already know what happened next. As fot the guys, they successfully left the building not even knowing that their joke had already been ardently discussed on the Internet.

Is it really that simple to do such things in Russia? All for fun!

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7 responses to “Russian Mark Zuckerberg Owned By Reckless Roofers?”

  1. Sniff says:

    So breaking and entering is accepted activity nowadays?! My neighbour has got him self a nice big TV and with him away I thing I go over and watch some. Yeah! ;P

  2. Boritz says:

    The girl is wearing flip-flop shoes. Not a good choice for roof climbing. Unless this is all a hoax, of course.

  3. testicules says:

    These guys aren’t roofers. They’re geeks. They don’t have muscles or tans. I smell a publicity stunt.

  4. Unknown says:

    Very interesting indeed.

  5. popalumi says:

    Am vrut sa intru si eu pe reteaua de socializare
    Vkontakte,dar n-am putut. Ar fi bine sa aibe si o pagina in limba romana.

  6. EngrishBob says:

    “A photo to use as evidence”
    This is a hoax surely. Wealthy people employ professionals to install their security and CCTV systems and they are remotely monitored. They wouldn’t be ignored. This is clearly as bent as a nine-bob note.

  7. Musa says:

    Ah, I love the House Of Books building in SPB!

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