19 Join A Laser Tag!

Join A Laser Tag!

Are you tired of shooting while playing a computer game and want to fling yourself into the real world of emotions becoming a part of the game? Join a laser tag then. Unlike paintball, the game is painless as its players score points by tagging targets with a hand-held infrared-emitting targeting device. Hit a player thrice and he or she will be considered killed and will have to go back to the base.

This game is quite a new event in Russia and occurred in 2007 for the first time.  Since then games have been held on a constant basis. The players in the picture use a polygon in the Losiny Ostrov National Park in Moscow which is presumed to be the largest forest in a city of comparable size.

Players are divided into those who attack (red ones) and those who defend (blue ones). Checking the weapon before the game is obligatory.

Getting instructed about the strategy of occupation and defense.

Players are divided into groups.


The game has started.

Shoot at the spot and it will turn red or green depending on the fact what team could do it.


The first part of the game is over.

It’s time to fight again!


How do you like the way of shooting?


Location: Moscow

via ridus-news

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19 responses to “Join A Laser Tag!”

  1. Maraudon says:

    Looks fun, but I perfer softair. Laser guns looks weird.

    • j pigden says:

      You can put the laser projector on any thing, even a stick will work. The idea is too use a weapon the player is familiar with.

  2. testicules says:

    At least the one girl was able to keep her earrings on. You always have to look good in the field.

  3. commissar paul says:

    Too much leisure time on their hands. “Make believe” violence sets the mind for more violence. Rather, do something to help your city or your community.

    • historian says:

      So you know the time table of everyones life?

    • noname says:

      You know, if you spend too much time “working for the sake of the community”, eventually you WILL get stressed, violent and unfit. Physical activity relaxes, improves mood and keeps you fit. Besides, those skills may come in handy – you never know when you’ll have to hide from a hostile guy with a gun.

  4. John says:

    It’s one thing if you are in the military and need to train for war (i.e kill people), but its another if you get your kicks out of (pretending) to kill people. It shows you how depraved mankind is

    • zero says:

      A little problem. They aren’t getting kicks out of pretending to kill people. They have fun competing for points. You never played a computer game in your life, didn’t you?

      • John says:

        The only computer games I have ever played are golf, Pac-mam, pinball, Freecell and other card games, and chess

        • historian says:

          Only Pacman is a computer game, others are simulation that you can play also in reallife …

          • testicules says:

            @John. You are doing the same thing when you play Chess. It is simulated war. The peices are soldiers and they kill the enemy. The “disease” you’re referring too is human nature. Human nature like all animal behavior is about the competition for resources. Competition is natural. War fighting is natural. Animals do it from birth. So do we. It is how you train to ensure your successful enough to pass along your genes. As an individual or a country it is the same thing.

            • John says:

              You have a very animalistic view of human beings. The disease is sin, and sin has effected human nature. Before men fell into rebellion against God, there was no killing or death anywhere, not even among the animals. Animals did not kill each other, eat each other, life did not decay (read Genesis and Romans in the Bible). But when man rebelled against God, the whole universe was put under a curse by God, and then death, decay, became a part of nature. And theese photos on this post (or any post regarding warfare, gamewise or realwise) portray that fallen human nature, where humans have to become “hunted” just like animals. It so sad to see, but human history id FILLED to the brim with this type of sad, sad stuff, and it is sad to see people get excited about this sort of truly sad stuff

    • John says:

      Guess what? — you just made my point. Even as kids humans play games that involve fighting, killing, hurting others. THAT’S MY POINT! There is a sickness in mankind (and seen even in children!)that he gets enjoyment in ways that involve hurting other humans. Whenever I see that, whether it is a sicko computer game (and many are extremely violent) that kids play, or games adults play, when it makes a “game” of hurting other humans, it is a sure mark of the sickness that drives mankind that eventually all leads to real time war and killing. And when we make light of this, we show we are part of that sickness as well. Thank you for making my point even clearer.

      • historian says:

        In this games is no hurting just the principle of hunting, and theres nothing bad about it. If a play a computer game I also dont hurt anybody. I think there is something wrong with your brain. And war is mostly started of religious, racial or financial reason. As someone from USA you must know haha..

        • John says:

          “Hunting”,, what?– humans! — that’s pretty sick, isn’t it? Again, you make my point stronger and stronger with the words you use. What has happend to you is that you have becone so desenstizied to violence that you do not see how it effects you. You hae gotten “used” to it.

    • blob says:

      I’m a pacifist, but I have no problem playing first person shooters or even taking one of my rifles out into the woods to shoot cans. Other than that, I’m not going to be killing anyone ever. You’re a sicko, btw, backwards and twisted.

  5. (r)evolutionist says:

    Where’s the U.N. when we need them?

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