7 Do You Know How Bridges Are Painted?

Do You Know How Bridges Are Painted?

Lateral surface.

Open windows enable good ventilation.

It’s now turn of climbers.

Simultaneous to painting they eliminate welds and cracks.


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7 Responses to “Do You Know How Bridges Are Painted?”

  1. jattwhisky says:


  2. testicules says:

    These guys should all be wearing respirators and goggles. Also, Why is the subway bridge enclosed? Adds to the cost of construction.

  3. yagur says:

    No PPE!!! Poor guys…And also flip flops on construction site???!!!Unbelivable!

  4. kbr says:

    flip-flops or not, it is better than africa

  5. Tovarich Volk says:

    Why are the bridge trusses out of plumb? Was the bridge designed this way, or is it simply a matter of sub-par Soviet era construction?

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