18 Ants At Home!

Ants At Home!

Today you’ll get a chance to see how ants live. The best way to know more about the insects is to make them stay in an artificial ant hill that can be made without any efforts.

That was the first house of the ants before they got a new and comfortable  dwelling.

It consisted of a test-tube with a wet piece of cotton as worms will never survive in case of bad humidity. The box is considered as arena where they can hunt and gather food.

The queen is laying an egg.

In spite of the fact that ants see a lot of food, they try to leave the dwelling. The fissures are covered with greasy lip gloss which makes it impossible to leave. Four soldiers died. The more food they are given the greater amount of them dies.

The test-tube is filled with worms and eggs. There is not enough place for 40 ants. By the way, there was just 10 of them in the very beginning.

The egg is carried away by the workers to a special place where other eggs are kept.

Feeding the queen.

Ants like eating small insects and meat. Those ants that were born recently try to function as nurses though they can’t even walk properly yet. Older ants supply them with food and clean them. Food that is planned to be carried inside the test-tube is examined by the guard that can reject it as garbage.

Doesn’t the queen eat too much?


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18 Responses to “Ants At Home!”

  1. People's Commissar says:

    A fine group of communists.

  2. JoE says:

    Aside from the strange brown blocks, an amazing gallery.

  3. snaoe says:

    how did they catch the queen ant

  4. (r)evolutionist says:

    Uh, why would I build them a house when they’ve invaded and occupied mine? I’d rather exile them to Siberia (or Afghanistan).

  5. Well written and educational.Nice photography.

  6. Otis R. Needleman says:

    Neat! Great pictures! When I was a kid you could buy ready-made ant farms, but you had to get your own ants.

  7. Dutch Nr.3,332... says:

    Nice too show this here,in a topic,ones been to an animal park with a huge ant colony,between two pieces of window(10 by 10 meters)now that’s fun,different species of ants also,all with their own survival strategy,i hope human population never came to that point…..an(t)d became one without the double glass….:-)

  8. Mees says:

    Ants are awesome

  9. Don says:

    I had such colony in my flat,balcony with kitchen. Mashyenka helped.

  10. George Johnson says:

    This is pretty interesting. You could perform experiments on them. This would be great to teach kids how to document their experiments etc…
    But I think they would rather build their home. They have those clear “ant farms”, made out of some king of gelatin.

  11. alessio says:

    one ferilized queen creating a whole society that takes care of her and vice versa..

    Nice ant house and splendid pictures, it would be a good school project to amaze the kids

  12. Boritz says:

    I had ant colony very much like this. Complete with magnification glass. It was fun until one day I set it in sunny spot…

  13. frank says:

    ants are fantastic animals.

  14. Musa says:

    Disgusting but fascinating post.

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