7 Another Visit to Torzhok

Another Visit to Torzhok

Today we’ll make another visit to the flight training center in Torzhok where the flight personnel is getting prepared and retrained.

Inside the Mi-8 simulator.


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7 Responses to “Another Visit to Torzhok”

  1. Russian Boy says:

    Ka-26 was the first CIVIL helicopter in the USSR. But the descendant of the Ka-226 was again the military. They are better paid.

  2. ayaa says:

    You dont make any sense at all. how can the military be descended from a helicopter. Is there something I’m missing?

  3. Anon150 says:

    I’m curious…

    “The Mi-28 has two heavily armored cockpits..(snip).. and a narrow-X tail rotor (55 deg) with reduced noise characteristics. It is powered by two 2,200 hp Isotov TV-3-117VM (t/n 014) turboshaft engines.”

    How much difference will a quiet tail rotor make when a pair of turboshaft monsters are howling away?

    It seems like the equivalent of low-noise tires on a Harley…

    • pepper says:

      With helicopters it’s almost always the rotors that you hear first. So if you can make those quiet then you increase the stealth capabilities of the helicopter. Note that most of them can fly below radar anyway so not getting noticed by ground forces has a higher priority.

  4. testicules says:

    Are these the same helicopters we always see?

  5. Amaabo says:

    1st you say the Ka52 is the best helo in the world, then you say the eurocopter and the Ah-64 are the same as it


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